This assumes a spherically symmetric cloud of carbon grains centred on the SN, with a concentric dust-free cavity at the centre. SN S , supernovae: Free parameters are the grain size, grain number density, the CSM radial density law, the CSM extent and the size of the concentric dust-free cavity. Consistent results were obtained for the subtraction and non-subtraction procedures. This uncertainty is a combination in quadrature of the geometric transformation rms and the uncertainty in the measurement of the centroid of the progenitor object detected by Prieto et al. Overall, a physical or evolutionary link between possible LBV-like outbursts and SN S does not seem convincing to us.

By days and , the Na i D feature has become visible in emission. Eight confirming images of SN S were taken on February 2. This was chosen as a compromise between minimizing the effects of the residual irregular background emission at the SN location and minimising the size of aperture correction needed in the final flux determination. Sicak anneler porno videolari online. To test further that the data are better represented by a temporally declining EW, rather than a fixed value, we exploited the Bayesian information criterion BIC , which give an approximation for the Bayes factor see Liddle , and references therein. The mean flux derived from the two methods is 0. During this time, the dust temperature fell from about to K, and the optical depth to the centre at 2.

The photometric data in the other bands were estimated at these phases by interpolating magnitudes in subsequent nights. Banned p porn russian.

SN S was discovered at andabout 53 arcsec west and arcsec episodee of the nucleus of NGC If the star has cataclysmically exploded as an SN, then, once the remnant whow, there should be no source left with a luminosity similar to the progenitor 10 4. Hence, the environment of SN S is mildly sub-solar, although within the uncertainties in this method a solar-like composition of the progenitor is still quite possible.


We carried out an independent analysis on the deepest pre-explosion optical and NIR images that we episkde locate, similar to that presented in Prieto et al. We are grateful to the support astronomers at these telescopes for performing the follow up observations of SN S in particular to P. First, the total luminosity is not unusually high for a stellar source, and if it is a cluster that hosted an SN explosion then the progenitor is likely the dominant source of flux.

However, if the pre-explosion MIR flux reflects the stellar photospheric flux, x9e object has a luminosity similar to models of super-AGB stars. Ordu gay seks porno.

All these characteristics appear consistent with SN S and its progenitor star. We first estimated the mass of such dust required to reproduce the NIR flux. Subsequently the colours do not show significant evolution. Instead, the enormous MIR flux observed at Such an enormous velocity immediately rules out newly formed ejecta dust as the source of the MIR emission.

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The strongest evidence for this interpretation is based on the observational discovery that the light-curve tail of SN S follows the decay rate of 56 Co. The fact that these types of stars are not common in the LMC-studied populations supports this conclusion.

This might be the reverse-shock heating of new ejecta dust. However, different locations, origins and heating mechanisms are possible. The NIR images were reduced using standard iraf routines, with the jittered exposures first median-combined to obtain sky images in each band.

During this time, the dust temperature fell from about to K, and the optical depth to the centre at 2. The extinction law from Dpisode et al.


These emission lines are likely produced in different regions with different ionization states and velocities. Porno uzun ayak tirnaklarini.

These estimates are consistent with emission from the hot photosphere. The apparently increasing mass of dust might have been due to dust newly forming within a CDS. The low ionization is likely due to high column density material with high optical depth. Basic data reduction overscan correction, bias subtraction, flat fielding, trimming was performed using standard routines in iraf.

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The hot blackbody was reddened using the extinction law of Cardelli et al. Abstract We present comprehensive photometric and spectroscopic observations of the faint transient SN S discovered in the nearby galaxy NGC The image matching and subtraction were performed as implemented in the isis v2.

Irsmambetova at SAI Crimean laboratory. To measure the peak position at different phases, we selected the spectra acquired with a slit width smaller than the seeing, hence considering only spectra with accurate wavelength calibrations.

Yasemin james porno video. In addition, many of them would be too bright in the K or I band to be consistent with our observed upper limits although adjusting the extinction could help hide this shorter wavelength flux. The magnitudes have been corrected for the adopted extinction according to the Cardelli extinction law. Knapen for the images of the Bok telescope. The difference between SN S and the progenitor object is 0.

Moreover, they stressed that the time-scale of the LBV variability is not consistent with the lack of variability of the MIR progenitors.