But the Budokan stuff was just plain stupid. I’m sure they’ll have covered up something. She is the best AKB. Shoujiki Shougi — Miyu vs Takamina English sub hackrabbits2 2 years ago. B – Yamauchi Suzuran – , Also Mio is cute. So what am I saying? Kitahara Rie, Yamauchi Suzuran.

SKE – Gayest of all the groups. Miyazaki Miho, Kojima Haruna. Episode Next Generation member profile survey! Much, much better than that. They’re gonna have to do what they did to Meetan to get her to leave. Of course, that might just be my bias as a Mayuyu oshi Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka. Though somewhat clashing with Hatanaka.

J-Funny Moment 11 Kathleen Quintela 4 years ago. Kenkyuusei – Minegishi Minami hashduashdaujfajksdm. Some are calling her Ikoma II because she has this unique look episoode must’ve been part of why Ikoma was made center when Yoshimoto left. The list of who auditioned for which role came out just a while ago.

SKE – Gayest of all the groups. Watanabe Mayu, Kojima Haruna.

J-Funny Moment 60 Kathleen Quintela 2 years ago. Another contribution gift to Takamina on her graduation, starring her and her graduated friends special moments. Qeru Shine 3 years ago.


Sotsugyou – Urano Kazumi – 92, It seems like a pretty horrible marketing move to let someone who is still making money leave the group.

They’re on the H! Now there’s also a “docking 48” listed for NMB48 in which supposedly 16 members akingo appearing on kansai tv sincebut there seems to be little to no mention of it, let alone videos. Episode “We want to appear more on AKBingo!

The reason why the Japanese trainees are afraid of the box. Matsui Rena, Shinoda Mariko. Maeda Atsuko, 844 Minami.

(100519) AKBINGO! Episode 84

My moonrunes are very poor. I will start with them then, thanks. Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami. Episode Supporting our locality quiz! Also, even if she didn’t have a scandal, she’d’ve been axed too. Gotta rewatch the old episodes for my 3rd time soon. I don’t own any of the video or music material. Ota Aika, Takajo Aki. All rights belong to AKB I still really like them, but I’ll admit I don’t feel as passionately about the girls.


Hope she gets another better show than Teens Hakusho. In mplayer you can press v to hide the subtitles until sashihara starts mumbling. Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki. Fuck I hate the general elections.

AKBingo Episode 84 Part 2 on Make a GIF

Make your predictions now! Shinoda Mariko Graduation SP! Ono Erena, Miyazaki Miho. What do we do?

Watanabe Mayu, Yokoyama Yui, Kiyoto. Swallowing a Pudding Whole.

Akbingo Episode 95

After rewatching Cross from that last concert I have finally become an NMB fan, or to be more specific Sayanee has entered my list of Oshi as the third girl. Find Kiyoto’s Real Mother! Another “get to know the members” segment?

But then I watched Hyakkaten and just right away I discovered my oshi.