This causes a big change in her womb and thus Ambuli is born, as a Beast. He prefers to stay in college hostel even during vacation. Marudhan Jagan meanwhile convinces the villagers to fight the monster. How the duo and the villagers accomplish the task forms the climax. Science fiction movies in Tamil cinema. A three-dimensional movie within the commercial parameters of Tamil cinema is difficult, rare and next to impossible, it was believed until now.

Sign in to vote. Parthiban also acted very well as Sengodan. Though some people called it a myth, many believed that ambuli did exist. Actors Parthiban and Jegan manage to stand out with their acting skills. He gets under the skin of the character and performs to his best ability. It does offer little respite. The make-up designers really made it scary for the audience.

He goes in the same boat and enters the cave where he encounters the creature.

As things went ths way, one night, Marudhan gets very curious about Ambuli, and decides to investigate things on his own. So the village people gather as a strong mass and set to hunt Ambuli, headed by Maruthan.

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to make xmbuli the usage of users data in a more clearer way. But still accepts to say about Ambuli and Sengodan. But comparing to the Hollywood standard, watching movie experience is pain full. He gets under the skin of the character and performs to his best ability.

Write about topics that interest you – anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups. Ambuli is about the mysterious deaths of people who pass through the forest on the outskirts of a village. Dialogues make an impression at places; like the voice over in the flashback. What follows is some terrible truth that entire shocks Amudhan, Vendhan and Maruthan. I imagine how much thrilling it would be in cinema. Has a strong story that will make you keep watching.

He comes across the super natural element. But she lets Ambuli escape and commits suicide. Now having started to believe in Ambuli, he enquires about it to his grandma. His longtime goal is to successfully carry out and finish his project.


This starts having an impact on Ambuli. Then only more standard movies will come after this. Only negatives are songs and too much of “near to eye 3D effects”. Terrified, he runs for his life and escapes from that place. Parthiban also acted very well as Sengodan. During their search, Vendhan and Ajay come across Sengodan Parthiban. Amudhan runs for life and reaches the college, where he meets Vendhan and narrates him what happened and says to him that Ambuli is real.

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The story is as old as hill. It is a well made, brilliantly ambulii and neatly executed film that is bound to take Tamil cinema to next level in terms of technology. Ajay Amudhan and Srijith Vendhan study in a college. The intentions are very clear; to make a thriller that borders on horror. But they are once again interrupted by Cliimax and they take a pic of him, thinking that he is Ambuli.

Right from new faces to parthiban all are acted well. Doing away from regular cinema is ‘Ambuli’, Tamil’s first 3D stereophonic film. The technical crew have done great deal of hard work in creating the spectacle on screen.

They find a painting of ambuli from another senior, who writes a journal in the previous edition of the college magazine, about the mass migration of people from the poomanandhipuram village into another place, due to the fear clima Ambuli. The founder of the college Sir Wellingtonis basically a scientist, who worked with the British Army in the second world war.

I wish Ambuli come back for its amubli hunt in 3d.

The box slowly starts moving a little and it cracks suddenly. To Tamil audience for whom 3D films would mean those from Hollywood, here comes ‘Ambuli’.

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There is a belief that whoever crosses through a corn field in the village is killed by Ambuli. As she reaches her pregnancy date, she is affected too much ambhli the sedatives and starts walking to the scientist to get herself checked.


A better casting would have helped the movie. The lesser known faces make the movie count. He sets out with his dog and searches for the source of this amuli noise, then suddenly the dog is being dragged inside and brutally killed by an unknown beast creature. The new actors have acquitted themselves really well. Call it a visual treat and a unique experience for the audience. First duet between lead stars is enjoyable but remaining songs are not that much impressive.

They enquire villagers and find out that it was a beast Ambuli, a man-eating monster. I was never been scared until I saw Ambuli. Too much of fast moving objects very near to our eye. It contains several scenes that will have you on the edge of your seats; some that will intrigue and interest you; and a few portions that will really climmax you thinking about the various directions in which the story could move.

He prefers to stay fklm college hostel even during vacation thanks to special permission from Vendhan’s father Amuli Ramiahwho is the guard. What is the secret behind Ambuli and Sengodan? The villagers also rush to the place. I would definitely advice to give it a watch do not trust the cumulative rating.

It does offer little respite.

Climax Scene Of Ambuli Movie HD Download

One night, despite warnings from Vendhan, Amudhan decides to go through the corn field to reach poomanandhipuram to meet Poongavanam. How the friends unravel the mystery forms the climax. Marudhan Jagan meanwhile convinces the villagers to fight the monster.