But then Dol-swe bursts in with a bloody Eun-oh on his back, and the Bangs gaaaaasp. So let them push each other along that route I think right now I’m more interested in EO’s possible family three than what the heck Arang became Totally love Eun-Oh-s wicked sense of humour. Like he didn’t want her to wake up alone even though he’s sure she wouldn’t die. She looks down at the river far below, then back at Eun-oh, and closes her eyes, getting ready to jump.

Please enter your username or email address. Postingan ini di dedikasik I think it’s a major part of the whole mystery, so it may be something that only comes up gradually. He grabs them one by one and puts them down with the others. It makes her heart sink, and she goes on a quest to find something to burn for a fire. In the 2nd episode, he was looking at one of the heavenly maidens and got to be thinking about his sister.

Usually with a drama you generally know how the story will unfold so there are few surprises but this drama is the complete opposite for me. Being jealous of her is one thing, but what was with the apathetic reaction? Fasha Mamat September 5, at 8: She just wants to be alive. Hm, I wonder what it is. There IS something about Arang, though what that is we still couldn’t say. Except Dumbledore is hot and cheeky in this version. Who are to come in next episode???

I’m hoping Jo-wal and Arang will have their romance time, and jo-wal will experiencelove and trust without conditions from Arang.

I think Joo-wal has been earmarked to be Mom’s future husband. I think it’s a major part of the whole mystery, so it may be something that only comes up gradually. I believe the typhoon in SK messed with the shooting.

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And I love this show so much, it hasn’t disappointed me a single bit yet. Magidtrate Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode She starts to remind him about her deal, but he just walks right past her, through the rope, and towards the grave. This drama is really good and doesn’t linger much in the romance, but delves more into the plot and mystery. Hopefully, the ratings won’t decline further on Thursday when Gaksital’s final episode is aired.


But then you’d think Joo Wol would recognize her. Now I feel like watching an episode of Supernatural, but it’s really late right now, so it’s probably not on. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Oh the beginnings of the love triangle.

Jade Emperor says that might be true, but not to worry. Sinopsis Operation Proposal episode 2. No — monster mom couldn’t eisode eaten Arang’s soul because Arang’s soul has been wandering around as a lost ghost maagistrate the day ane died, three years before.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. She doesn’t know who she is.

Just a normal deathbed wish or did he know something was up? And i guess coming eps are more creepy,mystic and also jealousness of Eun is to follow.

Cerita Lucu – Humor

znd Eun-oh inches closer and finally yanks the talisman from its branch… and then loses his balance and goes tumbling down the cliff. Arang calls out for Eun-oh at the grave, and then jumps to see Mu-young looming behind her.

Why would the grandfather make Dolswe promise to take care of Eun-oh? She sits up and put her hands to her face, trying to feel the warmth. I’ve also sinopiss thinking of Supernatural while watching this!

Maybe he couldn’t have any more sons? I fell for Arang especially. Eun-oh passed out and it was apparent to Dol-swe that Arang was dead and would stay dead. He grabs them one by one and puts them down with the others. They were gonna slip up eventually.


I cried, and cried. By now he’s procured too many people for Mom, knowingly; there can be no redemption unless he sacrifices his life to take her down.

Still I watched it. I’m crying and my heart felt a lot of pain watching Eun Ho and Arang during the scenes she fall down. It makes her heart sink, and she goes on a quest to find something to burn for a fire. She doesn’t seem to be too forgiving of failure — her harsh treatment of Joo Wal when Arang escaped from death-shack-in-the-woods in ep 5 is a testament to that.

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 7 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

And her soul still remained sealed inside her body, which is why she’ll just keep reviving in her own body throughout the length of the series, I would think. In trying to save her own life, Arang as Lee Seo Rim grabbed Eun Ho’s mom’s hair pin as a weapon, managed to escape, aarng died somewhere down the river.

And then he disappears like mist, leaving sinopsix shouting after him with all her questions.

I wonder magistrxte path the boy will take. Wouldn’t it fit in more with her plans if she made use of Eun Ho’s dashing good-looks and his mama’s boy tendencies to procure those virgin souls for her? Thank you so much for the magustrate Eun Ho is the chief means the gods had devised to do so. Maybe it goes to the virgin-slaying-altar-shack. Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode 8 part 2. So Arang just lost her identity but didn’t morph into Liver-Eater.

Eun-oh frantically gets up and starts running to her… and then collapses.