Joo-wal marvels at her impressive appetite, and as they sit down, a beggar sidles up to Arang, hands out pleadingly. Shin Min Ah Main Cast. Arang asks Eun Oh to seek vengeance for her death and Eun Oh tries to appease her request. It pulled a huge game changer in episode 4 that reset the OTP and raised the stakes to astronomical levels for all the main characters involved, even the omnipotent ones. She gets all the words mixed up in the wrong order: There was just something so heart-pounding, urgent, and fantastical and sometimes even dark about the earlier episodes that make me wish for the same by episode Satisfies my heart while waiting for it to get subbed. I have the feeling that the way that they always mention about the flower thingy.

I think that the unjustice that was done to Eun-oh’s mom and her family was Lord Choi’s doing and thats why he was kicked out and demoted by Eun-oh’s father. If Big Bad needs human blood to stay alive, then she is kinda immortal on layaway, in a kind of conditional way Why am I so sad Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Episodes by LollyPip. I also wonder how much his father knows about Eun-oh’s abilities.

Because this is my first life https: The denial is strong with him.

Arang and the Magistrate | A Koala’s Playground

She doesn’t realize that the girl has an expiration date. Arang and the Magistrate Special Before she became a ghost, Arang was a beautiful girl who was murdered.


Eun-oh waves him on, telling him to take care of his business, then heads off on horseback. Thanks for the recap!!! Mommy demon is scary as always. Joo-wal qrang on her insatiable appetite, and Arang explains that she got used to eating damago she could, because she never knew where her next meal was coming from.

Arang and the Magistrate

And every leap moon, Joowal present her with a pure soul. So she resorted to doing what she is doing now.

My secret romance https: It’s the halfway point, wonder what the story will bring. She walks off, leaving him behind as he absorbs the shock. Mikunda September 14, at 5: I hope the writers have a really good and believable ending for this drama.

Lee Sung Min Cameo. But I really appreciate that they moved past anger and into bittersweet acceptance, because that gets me a lot more on an emotional level. See you next week! And how heartbroken he was when she told him she was leaving. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!

The earth is the province of man and only man in human form can redeem it and restore it. Javabeans September 13, at 9: If she is his mother, did she give him the fan?


This further fuels the theory that Eun Oh had died and gone to heaven but was resurrected. Also, did anyone else see parallels to the location of their “heaven” date and the garden where the Jade Emperor tends to his lamb?

Is there another man in the picture? She definitely looked different in terms of outfits in Eun-Oh’s memories as compared to the mom Joowal visits each time. Trapped in the mirror or gone? I couldn’t help but think that when he episodf Arang this is what heaven is the flower field that he’s been there since he really died when he got sick.

Nov 22, to Jan 11, I also wonder how much his father knows about Eun-oh’s abilities.

As gruff as he has been with his words, all his actions scream his feelings for Arang. Arang pleads with the magistrate to help find and punish her killer. Esp in ep 10 where EO mentioned the extent his father went to magistdate i.

How can fairies have vengeance against someone for knocking off their entire family?