Aya comes to on a tree, unable to remember how she got there. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. He leaps off his motorcycle and onto the helicopter and takes Wei captive, ordering them to fly in the direction of the truck. Kagami calls Aya to taunt her about Yuki, and tell her Yuki’s power surge was caused by her being injected with Aya’s blood. Ceres and Aya had a conversation about what really happened in the past. Howell and the chief find out that Aya is dying. As she unwraps it, Aya becomes increasingly uneasy. He calls Toya a traitor and promises to kill him someday.

Aya cuts her hair on an impulse. While embracing, Chidori spots a man about to shoot Yuhi and pushes him out of the way, getting shot herself. Though he isn’t badly hurt, he no longer recognises Aya nor Yuhi. Kagami reveals that he himself is obsessed with Ceres’ “perfection”, and has been since fifth grade when he found an old picture of Ceres emerging from a Mikage girl. Toya senses that Aya is in danger, takes the doctor’s motorcycle and hurries to Tokyo. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. They run to her. Inside is a mummified hand.

ENGLISH DUB Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 25 – Mayura

And what anime should be avoided based solely on the uselessness of the material. Yet, this is definitely not childish like SM. She says he is her sworn enemy, the Mikage who stole her robe, and that the scars duub his body are the one’s she gave him.

He asks why epislde needs her robe when she can fly, but she says she must have it to return home. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Progenitor captures Ceres on her way to reunite with her long-lost celestial robe. Toya asks if Aki wishes to leaves, as Aya antagonizes over how she can stop the Mikages. Wei and his men come to the Mizuki house to pick up Toya, but Toya asks fub see the Mikages. Top Most Listened Rap Songs. In the morning, Suzumi tells Yuhi and Aya that Aya is a tennyoan angel or celestial maiden.


Back to the exasperating angst and hair-pulling love triangles we have in Fushigi Yuugi.

ENGLISH DUB Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 25 – Mayura Part 4

Ceres, Celestial Legend is the third manga series episodw by Yuu Watase. According to myth, Ceres will ultimately exterminate the entire Mikage family in retaliation for stealing her hagoromo celestial robethus preventing nl returning home to Heaven. Months later, Aya and Toya await the birth of their child, knowing that Toya may have limited time left to live, however Toya did claim that he will live longer, for his new family’s sake.

Write a customer review. On Aya 16th birthday she was given a special present which was a test and she failed. First volume ecres the original Japanese release of the Ceres, Celestial Legend manga. The characters in Ceres are not based on real people, but Watase notes that each one reflects some part of herself, as does the story as a whole.

Aya screams to her family to help before he dies, but no one moves. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Meanwhile, Toya finds Shota and is able to free him, but is captured by the Mikages and brought to the Progenitor.

After Kazuma’s death and the loss englis their unborn babySuzumi had attempted suicidebut was stopped by Yuhi. Intervista agli autori del volume “Poi Scese. He appears on the scene as Toya and Aya warmly and lovingly embrace. The series focuses on Aya Mikage, who learns cceres her sixteenth birthday that she is the reincarnation of an ancient and supremely powerful celestial maiden or angel tennyo named Ceres, and her twin brother Aki the reincarnation of Ceres’ former husband, Mikagi, the progenitor of the Mikage family, who had stolen Ceres’ robe.


The balance brought into the story by well formulated questions posed by the characters allows for continued thought not just simple acceptance.

Yuhi, Toya, and Aya escape to a safe room. Aya kisses him on the lips, and tells him to show her his feelings towards her by warmly embracing her. Q drives Aya and Yuhi to school, Aya has a vision of a girl burning. Aya faints from exhaustion on their way back to the Aogiri house. One of the Mikage men shoots at Yuhi to shut him up, but Yuhi’s father blocks the shot, getting hit in the shoulder instead.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. In Japan, men are considered the dominant sex, and Watase notes that as a woman there engkish things about the system that anger her, eub as men saying she is “just a woman. Aya quickly found out she is haunted by her own family, who plains to kill her. Toya tears off the Mikage collar and protects her from Miori.

Naruto the Movie Boruto: Shota catches himself and is able to pull himself back up.

As he talks, Aki’s tone changes and he stabs Toya with one of the handcuffs saying that he will never give Aya to him or anyone else.