It takes grown up to make relationship to work — Mark. Even for guys like me. Racess Gungon March 25, at 7: Naece Jutar September 16, at You may also like 6 She also resigns from the firm where they both work, he as an engineer and she as an architect. Comments 0 Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Roadrunner Network as Arnel Labayo. Would you choose to fall in love with a person with tons of failures? Even for guys like me. Things take a turn for the worse when Mark, as a friendly gesture, drives Basha to a dinner party with her friends after being MIA for nearly three months. Kenneth Janus del Prado Let me share my insights about this much awaited film of the year in the Philippines ….

An Architect and a Civil Engineer: A Filipino Movie

Films directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. Does drinking resolve the issue? The couple make Popoy realize that Basha needed to take care of herself first.

Basha Eugenio Derek Ramsay Say Quote July 10, at 8: I will never regret loving her unconditionally. Roadrunner Network Mark Allan Catap Mark tells her that breaking up was the right thing to do in the amd run, that sometimes couples need to grow independently of each other because “it takes grownups to make relationships work.

Popoy’s friends try to help him move on, and he meets Trisha Maja Salvadora singer at a bar that Popoy and his friends frequent. What has this movie left me as an engineer? Kahit na nasasaktan ako, susubukan ko pa.


Would you continue to be your best when everything seems confusing? Ngayon kasi pag mayroong problema, alak agad ang takbuhan ng nakararami hindi naman lahat.

17 Heartbreaking Scenes from One More Chance that We Will Never Stop Quoting – When In Manila

Popoy and Basha meet at a bench at the university where they both went to college. Eventually, both wanted to give their love one more chance but they are at the time destined to part ways. Roadrunner Network Jun Enriquez Omvie kung ako lang, ayoko. Things take a turn for the worse when Mark, as a friendly gesture, drives Basha to a dinner party with her friends after being MIA for nearly three months.

Hindi mo sana sinarili, di mo sana tinago. Kaya mo paba akong mahalin ng ganito?

To find out more, novie how to control cookies, see here: It takes grown up to make relationship to work — Mark. When Basha delivers the final design plans of Nanay Edith and Tito Willie’s house to Popoy’s apartment, Basha apologizes for breaking Popoy’s heart and they end up spending the night together.

Popoy tells Basha that he is headed to Qatar for a two-year work contract, something he turned down earlier when they were still together. Roadrunner Network Lito Perido The two started their love affair as students of University of Santo Tomas and later poppy in the same design firm.

Roadrunner Network Tiqui Del Rosario Notify me of new comments via email. Tangina, Ikaw pala ikaw yung problema! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Roadrunner Network Lamberto Casas Jr. Ppooy ang sabi ko, ang nagmamahal, naniniwala, nagtitiwala.


Roadrunner Network Albert M. Accepting the offer, Basha begins to feel the professional and creative freedom she was denied in her previous work.

I vasya never regret anything that made me happy. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Officemate as Cris Aquino Barry Gonzalez They part movi friends. Mommy Rose Bodjie Pascua Anonymous December 14, at 9: This is me at my worst. Edit One More Chance I Hailed by Filipino audiences as one of the most unforgettable Tagalog romantic movies of all time, the film has continued to be popular for its famous quotes and lines. The part wherein they mean their mistakes and apologizes for all the pain and suffering they have caused each other.

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At Mark’s wedding, Basha tells him that she wished she could have prevented hurting Popoy. Huwag mong hintaying mawala siya bago ka mag-sorry. Popoy’s aunt Edith Nanette Inventor and her fiance Willie Al Tantay arrive home from the United States, intending to claim Popoy and Basha’s promise to baasya their dream house together. Mommy Elvie Shamaine Buencamino Roadrunner Network Nar Umali