Abisuhan mo si Juan ng aking pagdating. Make her hair curly. Humina ang kanyang katawan matapos siyang tumakbo ng malayo. He is known to have an illegitimate child. Collect some financial assistance for typhoon victims. Don’t cut your ears! Hagilapin mo si Nena para tumulong sa kusina. Don’t touch anyone you don’t know.

Lumatay ang sinturon sa hita ng kanyang anak matapos niyang paluin ang bata. Collect some financial assistance for typhoon victims. You tag along somebody later. So that’s what it is, huh? Inaasam niya ang iyong pagbabalik. You should not embezzle other people’s money.

Tagalog slang for five swollen marks on any part of the body. Magdingas ka ng mga tuyong dahon sa hardin.

Take care of your brother [or sister]. Rip panshon what has been sewed. His head hit the wall. Please take my place in watching over the sick.

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Don’t maltreat your fellowmen. She is wrapped in thick clothes during the cold season. The mirror is broken.

Peter is the best man in John’s wedding. Gamitin mo ang abaniko kung gusto mong magpalamig.

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Roll the wheel on the rooftop. This Week’s Top Trailers. You fetch water from the fire hydrant. Kumulog ng malakas kaninang umaga. You deposit the money in the bank this afternoon.


Imelda Marcos might be put to jail this year. Transfer the soup to another bowl. Lumindol ng malakas kahapon. His tongue hang out when his foe tried to squeeze his neck.

You should not make others envious of you. Was there a change in their looks? Magpahinga ka muna dito sa bahay. Start your free trial. Don’t you put more gas into the fire as it would only flare up more. Will you be satisfied with the noodle I panaohn List down my debts on water. It was alleged that the gangsters did not plan on raping Paquita.

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You take the books you can carry. Spanish noun has different stress mark moviw to adjective and verb AMO. Collect some financial assistance for typhoon victims. Umikli ang kanyang pantalon.

Ernesto went along with Rosita’s ebrdugo. Corazon wanted to repay the meanness of Imelda. He does not want to flatter a girl. Don’t mock the poor. My brother sold their house. You panahoon your friends to the house. Move turned around at the corner. Bumakas ang kanyang sampal sa kanyang mukha. Ran after the car. Maghagilap ka ng panggatong.


You sail away to America for awhile. Bring the umbrella because it will rain later on. Be John’s best man in his wedding. You give a dictation exam to the students. A dog is a delicacy in some northern provinces of the Philippines, e. I dodged the ball.

Erase the wrong answer. What food did you have for today? Don’t worry yourself too much about such a very small m. Tagalog slang for someone who is shy, scared; from American slang geek. Lumiyab ang tangke ng langis matapos itong hagisan ng nakasinding sigarilyo. Nena’s paper usage is wasteful. Manghagilap ka ng trabahador. Grind some sticky rice. Compare your work with Jose’s.