The film is very reminiscent of Eastman Double-X. There needs to be controlled tests and I normally can get in 3 6 exposure strips or less. However, BER49 is very adapted to the development of fast films with fine grain. Offered in 35mm and roll film sizes, SFX gives an infrared appearance for creative effects when used with a red filter. If you want me to be really excited about film again, Kodachrome would be it. One of the films featured was Bergger Pancro , a totally brand new emulsion for

There was way to much contrast. Yes, anybody can listen to music digitally. Try color that’s old and forget it. You may link to content on this site but you may not reproduce any of it in whole or part without written consent from its owner. Examples of the use of BER One problem might have been developing with the chemistry that I had on hand, as I had none of the ones on the data sheet. You can learn photography on the side. It was especially formulated to obtain very fine details in half-tones.

Though I own a Sony A7RII, my best published fine art work has always been and still is with film, though I haven’t messed with small format film cameras like the mentioned F6 in about 30 years, I do occasionally get the urge to break out my old F2.

Thanks for spotting the typo, Antonio Gimeno! On the other hand I have many many prints from my family from years ago.

Bergger – Wikipedia

Ronald M is offline. And while film will never again be the dominant medium, analog photography is likely to continue as a robust niche for the foreseeable future.

You then just store them on a booksheft. Modern prints are better, despite whatever issues of durability.

The Great Film Renaissance Of 2017

Ektachrome, which had been phased out inhas a distinctive look and is acclaimed for its extremely fine grain, clean colors, pleasing tonality and good contrast. I listen to my music on 8 track tape, because I’m hipper than all of you. Add your voice Cancel reply.


I normally use TMaxwhich I love, but Pancro characteristics have won me over with certain cameras. However, BER49 is very adapted to the development of fast films with fine grain. Digital data can be moved from device to device as formats i. Arista EDU Ultra and is also available in a choice of sheet sizes including 2. I will be trying other developers over the coming months to understand how the character of the film changes but the remainder of these tests with exception of reversal development will continue to use Rodinal.

Latest Discussions barry b. You made this comment a year ago. They process the film in Ilford chemicals and scan the images to a CD in low res.

Film review: Bergger Pancro 400 Part 3 – 35mm EI 1600 (bracketed +/- 1 stop)

Nevertheless, it is also usable in automatic machines. Very interesting to see the comparison to Eastman Fiml X. I fikm have the camera checked. Yes, film is hard. Do you have any experiences or tips to share? What irritates me about all of this is that the price of decent and formerly cheap film cameras has risen exponentially on places like Ebay.

Is all about personal taste. Lots of contrast and nice tones, but quite a lot of grain. The real issue is the value of still photography is zero. I like Bergger results and grain quite a lot. Ice crystals on tintype: I like all three of these methods.

Lomochrome Purple XR That might explain why there were blown highlights and blocked shadow in the same shot, if it were a problem with exposure, I would expect one or the other. This final sample is my favorite and uses the macro mode of the ageing Nikkor lens I used for this test. You’re not really going to get the feel of any film with one roll.

I am very curious to see the results of a seascape- or landscape photograph and dev, in R09! You can shift digital data from media to media for a thousand years and not lose any of it. Thankfully that did not happen.


Many of my young University of Iowa customers are passionate about shooting film. The order of images for this and other samples is overexposed one stop, exposed per meter reading, underexposed one stop. If you can’t follow manufactures recommendations and especially if you don’t know what you’re doing just don’t post your negative comments.

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Sample 01 The order of images for this and fiilm sample sets is: The other great advantage of film, not often recognised in the commenst, is its archiving ability. The usual distribution channels seem to only have it in sheet film sizes currently. BER49 works without regeneration. The camera was used in spot meter mode and each frame was bracketed by a single stop of under exposure and over exposure. There was way to much contrast. Either printed phtoos kept in books, slides that you project, of books doscontinued are made from digital files and then printed.

Presumably the shots filn stop under-exposed at EI would be exactly the same as metered shots at EI? I guess it’s not profitable for a photo retailer to speak reality to a new generation that wants to buy the photo gear and imagine a career, but all I gotta say is good luck, kids. Email to a Friend. Lomography, the disruptive film photography movement dedicated to using unpretentious box cameras like the Diana, and low-tech Russian 35s, has given us a fikm in keeping with its offbeat brand image.

My darkroom has been in mothballs and I would love to get it fired up again and get back into the “soup!