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U stone hi small ti from tlu First Ca Nil. The history of the Germans and of CJermauy. How then did the i-caasntivc develop in Ugaritic? The Senonian Gauls first rose, but were al- most annihilated, and the Ro- man colony of Sena Gallica, above Ancona, was founded on their territory. The only writer known to me who has remarked this unique Greek rendering is B. The indicative of Sch.

As known at the moment there are only a few culture traits which are prominent in the northwest but lacking in, or ot least not reported as present for, other parts of the continent. The Mobam- irab conquest?

Coptic Oatracon Merton 1 Kit rax. Tub tbesrst orinsion offers to a Latinist bngustan opportunity to claim an equity in the iiivharology of the Near East. We now need a dictionary in order to understand Chaucer, who wrote as recently as the Ming period. How long had they lasted when united by Persia? The final syllable -drw is then the old accusative ending. The son of Charles Martel was Pepin.

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The character of Claudius alone, in its appai– ent weakness, contrasts favorably with the cruelties of the others. VILLI in planta pedis. This has resulted in the preservation of old meanings and constructions which would hare been lost in languages written phonetically.


Glwhich had sided with Rome against Mace- donia, to its previous limits. Ind Burgundmns, and popular sympathy secured the triumph of Clovis and his successors. The century of Constantine the Great is one of the most ir. Greece and Macedonia lionianizcd ; after. Pepin, like his father, had been Mayor of the Palace, that is to say. At first glance the superior quality of workmanship shown in the pluillle. How then did the i-caasntivc develop in Ugaritic? The kings of the New Empire, whose capital was Thebes, were buried in rock tombs still to be seen there m the mountain-sides.

Mapa, plataa, charts, etc. Macedonia Immbled at Cynoscepliala; B. However, even though they occasionally muy have visited Timor there is no reason at present for suspecting that they ventured further east. But Paul did not write I Corinthians for several yearn after that experience. In the middle of the 8th century B. Kl defenders subject to military discipline, fighting in the ranks as private soldiers, and training their bodies irom youth, by con- stant physical exercise, to the public service.

To the large print is ‘sary for a general History till furnish an ezact survey employed for explanatory tc.

This last conquest effected a decided change of manners cus- toms and institutions in the Chalda. All through the Bible it refers to thot point of the compass, at Eze. Numa Pompilius was tlie second king, and the lawgiver of the new community. An interesting problem is presented in It lias been said in the holy Scripture: He fled to King Prusias of Bithyuia Northern Asia Minorand took poison inas his surrender had been again demanded by the Roman ambassadors.

His sons, Areadius and Honorius, divided the empire between tliem.

Full text of “Journal Of The American Oriental Soceity”

For Groote Kylandt on the other hand Tindale mmovie evidence of Malay paternity somewhat more pronounced. Kenyon has so far modified his original position as to place the manuscript in the late second or early third.

P 78 In what century t In what century lived Solon f P. The change in the style of Egypt from the prehistoric to the dynastic period is described by various scholars with almost the same words as Moortgat used for Meso- potamia. Scan lor Comniffec on. The Lucanians be- gan to negotiate a new war against Rome. Its period of greatest glory was under Ramses II. For the readings now proposed by Weisebach himself, cf. A new Persian armament against the Arhenians was delayed by the death of Darius, b.


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There have been attempts to show that pronouns were declined in ancient Chinese. T’ ments after worship of i atry; but it 1 to indicate t was the ex]; various kind brute Croat io its species, tl he himself p: In place of the contribu.

The Arabian Mohammedans coined from this word the word Cliemistry— that is to say, ” the Egyptian art. The companions of Romulus then carried off wives for tliemselves by violence-” the Rape of the Sabines. The second consul, Tiberius Sempronius Longus, who brought Sciplo a second army from Sicily, was routed on the Trebia, another tributary of the Paduts.

We should also be glad to know more of the local origins of Italian signatures presented here and by Mr. Failing to realize that these Pauline appearances fuull been of the glorified Lord from movei, he understands them as in a resuscitated body.

Corresponding to the letters in the Greek inscrip- tion ‘pelling the word Ptolemy and other proper names, were hiero- glyphics spelling the same words. There are the forty-three cases where Sch. The traditions of later times name tlie brothers Romulus and Remus as founders of the seven-hilled city. The banking n o- uopolist party, in its scramble for the Bpoila of the provincials, split into fac- tions. At some time in its history the side margins of the manu- script were shaved a half an inch or more, with the result that some of the marginal notations haTe been cut in part see Text, note It was place to the importance rother Han- [annibal had king Philip, moie Roman?.