We do further declare that the said invoice contains a true and full statement of the person to whom the same was sold, and the actual cost thereof, to be paid without any discount, bounties, or drawbacks. A few words on the Third edition I feel much contentment in presenting to pupils and merchants this third edition of my Commercial English Correspondence. It is true Mr. Preface xin The lexicographical section was’ the only one I could handle with at my will and pleasure, so that, besides improving the English- Italian Vocabulary appended to this volume, I augmented the condensed” Dictionary, which now represents a complete list of commercial terms and expressions with their general definitions. We beg you to send us the soonesi possible and in the manner you judge the best for our interests: I thank you f6r your offers of service, of which 1 took good notice as well as of your signature. We trust you will honor us with a small consignment of goods, were it but to make an essay, and you may be sure we will do our best and neglect nothing in order to deserve your confidence.

We will take legal measures against the imita- tors of our brands and shall be grateful t,o merchants who will impede the sale of such counterfeits. I am fully sensible of your obliging offers of service, and shall eagerly seize an opportunity to make use of them and establish a connection, which will turn out agreeable and advantageous for both. Gentlemen, yours very truly Beraldi Cousins. Beval db Naranjez , N. Vienna, July the 15 th, Accept meanwhile my best respects.

Arnold Fedriani my prosy that he may be qualified, in my- name and in my stead, to direct, manage and administer all the affairs of my com- mercial house.

I beg only to add that, should 1 have the honour to be admit- ted under your guidance, you shall have no cause to complain of my wanting zeal, activity and inclination to work.

We earnestly recommend him to your usual friendly welcome, begging you to reserve for him your highly valued orders, which will be executed with every care, as it is customary with us.


Sugar are calm; the Antilles good quality is quoted il frs. I believe I can say, without any fear of vio- lating the laws of modesty, I am capable of occupying the vacant place being since eight years intrusted with the English, German, and Spanish correspondence at Mr.


He bought in a careless manner, without making any choise or showing a com- mercial criterion, what created a bad impres- sion with us.

I duly took notice of your offers of service, but, before availing myself of them, I would wish to know your terms. It would grieve us much ordinzri you were still vexed on account of our not having been able to grant you an allowance on that iinlucky lot of deals, because we are persuaded to have convinced you tbat, in spite of out good dispositions, we could not act otherwise.

He Is thCTefore entitled to buy and sell any produce whateTer of my making ; to pay and collect any account, bill, draft or money order ; to deliver receipts and discharges, to sue and compro- mise and to do all that may concern my commerce as I, myself, coujd do. Blacken- berghen is Master, now lying in the port of Genoa and bound for New York 0. Witness my hand and seal ol office the day and year aforesaid, Received Lire 13, equal to t 2. Genoa, January the 1 st, i9i Applications for a Situation Nos.

Page cj Annual accounts sent to clients; acknow- ledgment waited for Per- suaded that at so advantageous a freight you shall not miss this favourable occasion, we look forward to your telegraphic instructions.

There was a problem providing the content you requested

My only desire is, and ought naturally to J e, that of selling the goods in which I trade ; but it is, and ought to be, also that of selling them only to persons by whom I am sure ,of being paid. January the 12 th, This is the width of the stuff before being shrunk; you may reckon upon a loss in the width of 10 to 15 cm. E, Berthold will sign: We will certainly not ascribe the consequence of it to a slack of your good disposition towards- us, but to the special conditions of ywir market, which are not quite favourable to business in this season of the year.


Awaiting your kind orders, we keep now at your disposal all the samples of above mentioned makers and we shall contrive to have in short the honor to submit them to your examination through our traveller Mr. November the 1 st. Tomato preserve, in tins.

GallipolT, December 31 at, ftuttiferi Hoping to bear from you soon, we remain Yours faithfully Bertorello Brothers. As I was persuaded that this price might be of your CoTtimerce in genei’al. Vin- cent Carana, whose capacity we cannot but highly appreciate, and whose sincere interest in our house has cemented a mutual friendly attachment. Verna thoroughly informed, agrees to these terms, but he particularly request your entire discretion in the matter.

Parte italiana-spagnuola, di pag. Nardini, our former representative, who under the guidance of our aforesaid General Agent will have the care of onr interests on the market of Spezzia Mr.

Sole 24 Ore 20151010

Our principal commerce consist in buying and selling, on cummissiou cheese, sausages and alimentary preserves of postalk kind. I judge it quite redundant and I beg to remain Yours sincere Anthony Compodor. Hammer spoke to us, when call- ing at our warehouse. Lewis, the eldest son of our Chief, Mr. It is not customary with us to manufacture special cuts for our pattern-collec- tions. Co Barcelona, August 12th, Youra faithfully Charles Marcon. buobi

I trust he will be worthy of all the confidence I put in his person, and I am sure he shall correspond with punctuality and zeal to your orders.