By falling for the placebo, all his test results had to be thrown out on the grounds of psychosomatic influence. He had taken vitamin B 12 and claimed it was the most effective remedy. Truly insane, in his words. This was revisited in Myths Redux. Retrieved from ” https: Shotgun slugs require even more depth; the exact depth could not be determined because one of their tests broke the rig. This myth was explored further four seasons later in Hidden Nasties. At the other end of the string he affixed the five feet of tape.

This is a special episode. An overnight plating of zinc over copper seemed to work very well. This is the final regular episode appearance of Scottie Chapman and final appearance of “Mythtern” Christine Chamberlain. They activated the transmitter, which managed to interfere with a radio in the workshop, and left it running. Car Capers Will a black car heat faster than a white one? They set off the charge and filmed the blast at 50, frames per second, five times the fastest rate previously used.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See how Kari, Grant, Mythbysters, Jamie and Adam respond to hearing how one of their episodes saved one woman’s life.

By the time this happened, the tank was so riddled with bullets from previous tracers that were fired too close to ignitethere was no contained pressure, but the MythBusters surmised that had the tank been properly enclosed, it might have exploded. The aluminum paint used on actor Jack Haley while portraying the Tin Man in the movie mythbuwters of The Wizard of Oz caused an adverse reaction that hospitalized him.

This was the second episode in which the entire hour was devoted to testing a single myth. A shark’s skin is rough enough to be used as sandpaper. Is it possible to split an arrow by hitting it with another? An alternate scenario of this myth was retested in “Guns Fired Underwater”. Who will throw up first? The MythBusters crew managed to get a free cement truck that was on its last legs.


Jamie hit Adam’s csment ; Adam hit Jamie in the thigh. The team was only able to make the tank explode teuck the end by using explosives. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Because the myth dealt with the making of explosive and or dangerous materials, the ingredients used to make nitrous oxide and gun cotton were censored by substituting animal sounds for the actual chemicals.

Please let me know. Salsa escape According to the myth, inJuan Lopez escaped from his Mexican cell by dissolving the bars using salsa from his jailhouse dinners. A six-pack of beer can be rapidly cooled by burying it in sand, pouring gasoline on top of it, and lighting the gasoline.

Archived from the original on August 19, The best results seen were minor deformations in cfment gun barrel. Pyramid power can be harnessed for a variety of purposes around the home. Someone who is shot and thrown backward a significant distance is a staple Hollywood visual effect. This is a behind the scenes insight trufk MythBusters, featuring interviews, as well as eppisode personal issues between the hosts.

Narrator voice Jack Morocco While a rolling stone can pick up or gather moss when rolled mythbustets a hill, that moss cannot grow on the rock as it is rolling, which — for the purposes of this myth cment is considered more pertinent.

This episode showed outtakes from the series.

Salsa Escape

All supersonic bullets tested up to. It is possible to jump from an airplane and use an inflatable life raft to safely return to earth, as shown in the film.

Like custom made stuff? The mythbusterss position was actually designed by the airline industry to kill people, rather than save them, during an airplane crash to save money by paying off wrongful-death suits rather than continuous injury compensations. Content by Ken Conley blog.


After testing the speed of updrafts with a special rig on Tory’s truck, it was proven that a person could not hold on to the piece of plywood if he were in free mytnbusters. Because Adam and Grant are very susceptible to motion sicknessthey test non-pharmaceutical remedies for seasickness by Can sticking one’s finger in a gun barrel stop a bullet?

Annotated Mythbusters: Episode Salsa Escape, Dynamite + Cement Trucks

A Jet pack can be built from plans purchased off the Internet and limited funds. Use the HTML below. A repeated test using sterile equipment yielded about the same decay rate for each half.

The closed tailgate was later shown to have created a locked vortex flow that created a smoother flow of air over the truck. This became the longest MythBusters experiment on record—over six months long. Assembling props from the last 14 years of MythBusters was meant to make you, the viewers, nostalgic, but the result is a tearful Adam.

Jamie designed and built a cannon, made from pipe and a compressed air tank. However, when pushed off the side of a table, toast showed a tendency to flip once and land buttered-side down, which is likely the source of the myth.

See also Exploding Toilet. After recreating the environment in an F Starfighter cockpit, it took some effort to ignite the hair product.

The episode was also referred to as the “Shark Special” in the 22, Foot Fall episode. Great whites or bull sharks might have gotten different results. The explanation was that black paint absorbs heat while white paint reflects it.

Lighter objects like tissue boxes may cause injury but cannot kill. Is it possible to be thrown through a glass window and walk episoxe without a scratch?