Ronnapoom October 16, at 9: Naz April 25, at 9: It has an unexpected ending. But mysterious things happen one night and Rehan is determined to uncover the truth behind the hauntings. JadeFox October 23, at 3: Those kept me awake a couple of nights-in since I re-saw them again. Hello, does anybody know the title of that asian horror about a hunted movie set?

Where the director in the movie found a movie film and when he played it, saw a whitelady laughing with a black mouth behind the male and female actors delivering a line. Liann September 21, at 3: The story deals with the burden of choosing between what is right and the strong family love.. So, their list is quite limited and the exposure to their industry is minimal. Awesome story line and really creepy atmosphere.. Edit Storyline Julie begins to suspect that an abandoned baby she takes in may be a demon in disguise. I totally agree with you! That was hilariously epic.

I feel sad at the decline of dhanak brilliant Shake, Rattle and Roll in the recent years. How about Tales of Terror from Tokyo vols.

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Travis Gillespie May 18, at 9: Anyway, thank you very much for showing the respectfulness and level-headedness of our people mmovie culture! But thanks for contributing. The film is about Rehan, who was sent by his father to investigate a mansion for real estate business purposes.


His investigation includes Rehan staying at the mansion for a few days before it is sold off. It centers on Shane, a debt ridden theater projectionist who bootlegs a much-hyped Thai horror to earn some money.

Ennia Merrican October 30, at 2: It has an unexpected ending. Old shtick but very true to any industry where art of storytelling is sacrificed for Ratings and Revenues.

Halimaw sa Banga Films and Shows From My Childhood.

DEEV June 20, at 5: Wade attends the party and his life instantly changes in a span of a few hours into the night. Now I must challenge you, dear reader: It revolves around a widower named Choon who is soon to marry Na, a woman whom he chamak from Indonesian bandits.

Until one day, Lisu goes missing and Amber falls into a coma.

Wow, really nice list. I specifically like the use Catholic Filipino belief is describing the origins of the Tiyanak, it makes the movie have a more spiritual connection to the Filipino viewers. Or maybe Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara.

12 Best Asian Horror Films You’ve Never Heard Of

Gershom May 4, at 5: Isay September 29, at 3: Hailing from the Kingdom of Bahrain comes the first full-fledged zombie horror film. Yanggaw — A movie based on the Filipino myth of the Aswang.


Search for ” Tiyanak ” on Amazon. Until the guests at the party are somehow strategically hunted down and killed gloriously by a masked murderer.

Start your free trial. Had fun there did you? Ronnapoom October 16, at 9: Hello, does anybody know the title of that asian horror about a hunted movie set? Possessed is a Malaysian film that centers on two sisters, Amber and Lisu, who travel to Malaysia from China to pursue their modelling and singing careers.

Creepy Hide and Seek. Its an indie produced, regional horror that has some deeply rooted Filipino qualities. Between Two Worlds is a Vietnamese psychological horror that follows a young and beautiful woman moive commits suicide because of depression.

The Eye, Whsipering corridors: Rafael October 20, at 8: