Retrieved from ” https: Tara is so funny and Chrissa is a bit of a coward. Parents say 16 Kids say A diving board accident is portrayed in a non-graphic way. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options All down to the very lines were like the books, except for just a little bit more in the second book, Chrissa Stands Strong, that wasn’t in the movie. Felicity desperately wishes for that same sureness Kid, 10 years old April 15,

Families can talk about Chrissa’s travails. This is something every kid relates to one time or another in their childhood, and shows them how to deal with it. I think that everything down to the threads is just so realistic and shows real girls and real personalities. How old is your kid? Stand up from bullies I had watched this movie at school one day and It had made me rethink the bullying thing. When Felicity meets Penny, a beautiful copper – colored mare, she knows with all her heart that she must free Penny from her cruel owner. It was a really nice movie, with it’s focus on a young girl being bullied.

It teaches girls everywhere about bullying and cyberbullying, and how it is not ok. She doesn’t even tell on Tara for bullying her.

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Although Tara is reluctant, Chrissa assures her that though they may not be best friends, they can still work together to win.

The bullying that the kids do can be scary and there is a scene in it where a boy falls of the diving board in a pool and almost drowns in the water. See how we rate. As all you American Girl fans out chrisaa know, this movie is actually, amazingly like the books! Family and Kids Run time: A caution for parents movi kids who are sensitive or are very fearful of bullying: Chrixsa has a good message though!!!

Since the movie comes from the American Girl empire, it’s bound to fuel desire for the Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen dolls; as well as books, clothes, and accessories.


When Felicity meets Penny, a beautiful copper – colored mare, she knows with all her heart that she must free Penny from her cruel owner. Films directed by Martha Coolidge.

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Add the first question. With her newfound confidence, Chrissa and her friends show everyone that they are happy with who they are by doing fun things such as wearing homemade painted headbands. For Your Family Log in Sign me up. When Tara said no and turned back to Tyler and when the camera went back to Chrissa, she is off the ladder.

It’s wholesome, but a little depressing. Not baby movie They say 8 up on it but I am 4 and I like it and I like all AG movies because I can watch them and my sister does too and she likes them and doesnt call them baby movies. I really love this movie, and mostly what I love is that American Girl portrays Chrissa as a real-life girl dealing with real-life problems and real-life people.

Kid reviews for An American Girl: But the most valuable part of this movie is the way that it can pry open the door between parents and kids about the issue of physical, mental, and cyber-bullying. She was really nervous at her new school and she got bullies by those 2 girls. Chrissa Stands Strong “. As with other movies in the “American Girl” series, the subtext is in product placement.

Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels? Grace is excited for the summer so she can start a business with her friends, but things take an unexpected turn when her mom announces a trip to Paris.


Thank you for your support. Families can talk about Chrissa’s travails.

An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong

The bullying escalates to affect others in Chrissa’s life chrissq she realizes that she has to stand up for herself.

She doesn’t even tell on Tara for bullying her. What parents need to know Parents need to know that this movie packs a wallop of a message about bullying, but manages to entertain in the process.

All the American Girl movies have great messages and this one is about not giving in to bullys and that you can find friendship no matter where you are. For kids who love family dramas. Kid, 10 years old April chrsisa, Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Meaningful lessons about standing up to bullies, being a friend, telling the truth, and coping with difficult times come through with minimal preachiness.

Kid reviews for An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong

One part I love is when Chrissa looks up home-schooling, cause yes, that IS another option. The bullying is a little unrealistic, but it’s funn Read my mind 4.

Overall Good, may be upsetting to younger kids. An adventurous young girl uses her imagination to escape her reality, that is quickly spinning out of reach. Kid, 12 years old February 22, Read my mind 7.

Five stars all the way!

Let’s hear it for great casting, understated child actors, and a strong vein of humor in the form of Chrissa’s imagined torment of her oppressors. Just a few things worth pointing out: Was this review helpful to you? Another problem is the puzzling lack of motivation shown for Tara.