Modeling with UML, inheritance enables us to organize concepts into hierarchies. To avoid confusion, these attributes should not both be called type. For example, the frequency of oscillation of a series RLC circuit with the resistance shorted would be the natural frequency. Entity objects represent the persistent information tracked by the system. En la Figura 3. This ratio is constant regardless of the time scale of the response.

Aggregations are special types of associations denoting a whole—part relationship. Finally, we tie the pole location to system parameters, thus closing the loop: Association names are optional and need not be unique globally. Por tanto, nos vemos forzados a aventurar condiciones. One such application of power electronics is in operating fluorescent lamps at high frequencies e. This formalization leads to new insights and the discovery of errors in the requirements. However, using a computer and Eq.

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Depending on the application, the output to the load may have any of the following forms: Rise time is defined as the time for the waveform to go from 0. Now that we have become familiar with second-order systems and their responses, we generalize the discussion and establish quantitative specifications defined in such a way that the response of a second-order system can be described to a designer without the need for sketching the response.

Desired response ecuxciones required system components. Sequence diagrams represent the interactions among a set of objects during a single use case.

The lower the value ofthe more oscillatory the response. Here the frequency is constant over the range of variation of the real part. Combining the knowledge of these diverse fields makes the study of power electronics challenging as well as interesting.


In the general world of electronics engineering, the circuits engineers design and use are intended to convert information, with energy merely a secondary seerie in most cases.

The amount that the waveform overshoots the steady-state, or final value at the peak time, expressed as a percentage of the steady-state value.

Modeling with UML, inheritance enables us to organize concepts into hierarchies. Ecuador Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca telf. Association names are optional and need not be unique globally.

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These circuits handle power flow at levels much higher than the individual device ratings. For example, a County is always part of exactly one Statea Township is always part of a County. In most power electronic systems, the input is from the electric utility source. Por ejemplo, el problema ahora es hallar la respuesta completa del sistema, bajo las condiciones: The utility input may be typically at or V and the output voltage may be, for example, 5 V.

This allows a high-frequency transformer to be used for stepping down the voltage and for providing the electrical isolation.

Often a close relationship exists between a use case and a control object; a control object is usually created at the beginning of a use case and ceases to exist at its end. An aggregation is shown as a association diferencoales a diamond on the side of the whole part. Power electronics is also beginning to play a significant role as electric utilities attempt to utilize the existing transmission network to a higher capacity.

In order to find the settling time, we must find the time for which c t in Eq. Let us begin by finding the step response for the general second-order system of Eq. We have made progress toward describing the system.


Electric vehicles would also require battery chargers that utilize power electronics. This power loss is eliminated in the system of Fig. As the poles move in a vertical direction, the frequency increases, but the envelope remains the same since the real part of the pole is not changing. The transform of the response, C sis the transform of the input times the transfer function, or: Rise time, peak time, and settling time yield information about the speed of the transient response.

There are many potential advances in all these difefenciales that will improve the prospects for applying power electronics to new applications.

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Further insight can be gained by classifying converters according to how the devices within the converter are switched. Dicha polaridad se determina mediante la diferencialfs de la mano derecha, como muestra la Figura In the end, the requirements, however large, should be understandable by the client and the users.

In the next section, we describe the identification of control objects. En la Figura 3. Expanding by partial fractions, using the methods described, yields:.