X Games Aspen Don’t have an account? After the Dumont Cup, we finished up the edit for the final round, to make it a bit better. Video by 4BI9 www. Hood n’ Whiskey 2 Views 2. Killington November 20th, to Colorado December 18th.

We were in and out of the rain all day but still had a great time despite the typical unpredictable east coast weather. Best of Skateboarding at X Games Sydney Welcome To My Hood – stept. I tried to film as much urban as possible with 4BI9. I’m planning to make a few summer edits while I’m at Hood for a month and a half. Sign in to comment. North Face Monster L

We were in Denver, Salt Lake, and Idaho for most of the season. On Tuesday, a solo skier was buried by a remotely triggered slide near Telluride. Hood, Oregon in July Don’t have an account? Three skiers have died in Colorado avalanches since seasonn weekend. We talkingron mount snow for a full day on December 22nd, sessioning the preseason setup on gulch and mineshaft. The impact of warmer winters. So, I’ll probably put something out then and a bit for next season, but next year I want to focus on filming full-time and competing.

Dale Talkington rainy days edit

Hurricane Season – Episode 1 5 Views Video by 4BI9 www. The Hurricane takes you through the storm. Nonetheless, despite feeling confident in the level of the footage they put together and the high quality of the edit AJ put together, Dale still had no idea who might actually win the Co-Lab. Filmed and edited by Evan Williams. Home World of X: Once again, dale delivers the freshest style and super creative use of features. Tom Wallisch Tom Yaps Filmed an Top talkintgon and photos from X Games Aspen Dake To My Hood – stept 19 Views 3.


It wdit about 90 talkinghon and the wall was pretty ridiculous — 40 feet tall or something crazy like that. I stuck that last on, out on the fourth hit. Recently, it was Nike that took notice. North Face Monster L Boise Qualifier returns in June.

You were skiing for Coreupt, which recently filed for bankruptcy. Two skiers, training for the Grand Traverse race near Crested Butte were killed in a slide on Saturday.

Are you looking for a new sponsor? Report a Bug Ads on XGames. After the Dumont Cup, we finished up the edit for the final round, to make it a bit better. Announcing X Games China The Best of X Games Sydney I’m planning on looking for a new ski sponsor, and I’ve been talking to a few people, but no news yet — I’d be stoked for that though. And while the rest of the Co-Lab field were getting pre-dawn starts rallying snowmobiles up trailheads in the Whistler backcountry, the 4bi9 crew were on their own dawn patrol program, building the epic segment-ending roof gap in the middle of the night and hitting it just as dawn broke before anyone was around to kick them out.

Dale Talkington: TGR Colab and $k Winner – The Ski Journal

seasno Killington November 20th, to Colorado December 18th. It has been good. Please enter your public display name and a secure password. Hood n’ Whiskey 2 Views 2. Video shot and edited by Evan Williams. Snag it from iTunes or order your copy of the DVD here.


Nike had such a great setup — the condo, filmers, the features, everything was taken care of — I’ve never had anything like that before. Spent six days skiing at Mt Hood with the Nordica crew.

Dale spinning above the streets of Salt Lake X Games Real Ski Newly established team rider Ian Compton secured his dalf days standing on Nordica’s while Dale Talkington and Jeremie Veilleux represented, showcasing their signature styles. Your edits on Newschoolers.

Back at it again I also skied a lot at Park City.

Trailer of New Intelligent Groups’ Metropolis. Tell us about your winning Nike Chosen edit, and then getting the chance to film with the entire Nike 6.

Big thanks goes out to Jeff Curry! The Co-Lab is available now.

‘X-Stream’ Is One Weird, Rad Ski Edit (Just Add Winch, Snow and Water)

Well, at least if your name is Coen Bennie-Faull. I tried to film as much urban as possible with 4BI9. Its talkiington nearly two years since I last shot an edit with Dale. Snow, and finally the Dumont Cup. Featuring the skiing of: The Co-Lab is now available on. Being — Danny Way.