For Dong Yi of which I am a big fan, I do not support the extension to be 10 episodes, 5 or 6 episodes will do just fine. Royal Nobel Consort Suk of the Choi clan was the concubine of King Sukjong reign while her son Prince Yeoning later ascended the throne and ruled under the name King Yeongjo born then reign Sign of the Heavens Team. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. But if they tightened the story-telling, there would be fewer episodes, which I assume means less money. So she was almost invisible between the palace walls.

You can not present a drama as evidence, rather present reliable sources such as books, historiographer opinions, documents, etc. Seriously love this show for the goofy times it gives! Choi Jong Hwan Supporting Cast. Either espoide 50 or 51 where she gives birth to geum in the latter part of the espoide where dong yi gets kicked out of the palace wen she tells the king her real last name as we know as choi dong yi not chun dong yi and after that happens then dong yi reveals to king sukjong that dong yis father and brother were the members of the sword organization and then after that happened dong yi gets kicked,out of the palace,then few months later dong yi gives birth to her son geum who becomes the 21 king of chosun then dong yi and geum are sent back to the palace after king sukjong asks to come back. Moreover, from the drama Jang Hee Bin, Queen Myeongseong died before that, plus from the review of the next episode, it seemed that Queen Myeongseong was sick. Maeng Sang Hoon Supporting Cast. She was originally entombed in Munhyeong-ri Opo-myeon Gwangju-gun Gyeonggi-do.


Han Hyo Joo Main Cast. While there are a no. King in DY is ridiculousacting as young boy first time in lovedreaming his women whole day long ,with that mentalityimmature character how can he rule the country.


He’s doing a great job, way better than Dong Yi: Yes I have So how did d king and epiosde truely meet? How could that be possible? Please do not insult our intelligence! Yeo Ho Min Supporting Cast. Maeng Sang Hoon Supporting Cast. With the restoration of Queen Inhyeon, she was demoted to Huibin.

After some investigating, the king discovered the ruse and had several court advisers killed or banished.

Don’t tell me Sukjong gets married again? Sign of the Heavens Team. She was respectful and always waited on Queen Inhyeon and Queen Inwon. When Sekyong was told of Sukbins failing health,he resided for the rest of her life with her and then did die two years after her death.

Jung Jin Young Supporting Cast. I must say that Dong Yi is a wonderful drama which has deeply touched my heart.

I’m loving Baker King as it is now but I’m not sure whether the sentiment will be maintained. Those parts were creative fiction. But at this point, the drama is still very far away from that.

Why is this thread so quiet today??? Choi Chul Ho Supporting Cast.

XD nope the dramacray was like the south faction who backed up dong yi up so she could work her to suk bin which was the highest rank for a conbuine like dong yi or jang hae bin but jang hae bin was backed by the noron faction which worked with the south faction to make her son the crown prince and of course the king of course but king geyongjong ruled joseon for 2 years unit king yeonjo ascend to the throne in King brockjong Oh boy.!


Posted May 18, Preview Ep 18 http: Han Da Min Supporting Cast. And I think I saw you leaving some comments on the other posts as well.

Episode 48

Secondly, all we know from the Joseon Annals were the fact that Choi was a palace maid a low episodd one under Queen Inhyeon whom Sukjong took favour on. In this drama, dongyi did not have those feelings for choon soo. It was actually heaven.

The story line isn’t dramcrazy slow or boring. Look at this child…. Queen Inhyeon returns as Queen. Was the first son of King Sukjong by consort Jang proclaimed king before Yeong son? Posted May 15, Yeo Hyun Soo Supporting Cast.

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Jang Hee Bin left many folk stories behind including her greed over power, and a story involving events right before her death with her son then the Crown Prince the future Gyeongjong. So yeah, maybe she died that way.

Sukbins was posthumously given three statured titles as she was noted to always avoid political intrigue, and she did in fact use her status to set up a counsel hall for the serfs.

Jung Ki Sung Supporting Cast. Watch ‘ Dong Yi yo with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.