Ekk Nayi Pehchaan – Episode – 23rd June Shanaya is taken aback. After so many days my son has spoken to his mom. Latika is sitting with Shanaya. Sakshi shares the good news with Karan that Ma is getting an award for her new designs. I want him to be a part of her happiness too. Sharda agrees to go finally. I have got my award for real today.

Sakshi too comes in and both the ladies help Shanaya and make her lie down on the bed. You can give me the number and I will call him here. Shanaya agrees to tell after which Sakshi leaves from there. She puts her feet down. He was imagining it. Ekk Nayi Pehchaan – Episode – 23rd September Sakshi is reading pregnancy book. Tell the driver to keep the car ready.

You had told me to fight my illness. She leaves from there sadly.

He goes quiet and she can sense that he wants to say something. Ekk Nayi Pehchaan – Episode 21 – 20th January She called sometime back to tell me that we can come there anytime we want to and the business is all yours.


Sakshi agrees to tell her later. Doc makes an entry. Copyright Action News. Afterwards, help Shanaya in getting ready and give her her breakfast.

Padma gets emotional as she hugs Sakshi. Next morning, Sharda wakes up and calls out for Sunita. We all will feel very good. Ekk Nayi Pehchaan – Episode 85 – 23rd Pehchaam Sakshi goes to change.

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I have got my award for real today. As soon as Shanaya put her feet down Sharda calls out for her. A baby is happy only when its mom is happy. Everything will record in my phone when you will get up.

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jayi I have been very rude to you. He was imagining it. Sharda goes to freshen up. She too decides to sleep there only. You should go now as it is getting late. She replies that he is not a loser but you are very selfish. You will have to get up from your bed to reach out to that diary.


They share a hug. But I forgot to look for it though I am sure it is in my room only. Sharda comes to check on Shanaya. Sakshi talks a little loudly so that Shanaya can hear it. She tries to explain but he lies down and bids her goodnight. Ekk Nayi Pehchaan – Episode – 14th July You cannot break their hearts. He tells her that he is very happy for her.

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Peychaan I can never do it as my wife will not let it happen. After so many days my son has spoken to his mom. Sharda agrees to go finally. I am perfectly alright. How to make steamed rice cakes – banh bo – vietnamese cow cakes. This is not your award alone but of all of us.