Bessy gets chased by garbage everywhere she goes and gets the ability to mimic its traits. Louie, a kid was given magical biton by a mysterious man. Will he ask forgiveness from his family before time runs out? Aurora Angel Sy always turns her homework late unless she uses a magical watch causes freeze times which will alter her life. Tootsie had a lesson learned because of this. One day, he cuts a tree in their yard so that there would be enough space for the court he wants, that causes all the plants in their garden to panic. Billy is responsible for realizing the meaning of true friendship and how badly he treats his dog:

Kara, Cristine Reyes is a girl who turns into a frog when she bleeds. In order for him to return to his normal self once again, Nilo must save the mother dakuwaka from a team of researchers who captured her. Elaine’s dream to make Charles fall for her eventually comes true when she is given a magic bowl that makes her attractive in the eyes of the person who eats a fruitcake she bakes in it. She said her name was Karen, and Carl was very surprised. As a reward for her good deed, the piggy bank mysteriously comes to life and bursts out a lot of money. Mai-mai is a playful child who always gives excuses so that she could play with her friends. So they decided to steal the genies’ bottle but the genies had been drunk when they poured wine in their bottle. As Jenny grows up, she starts to confront teenage issues like wanting to be popular and wanting to belong.

She woke up to be a fine lady Bianca Manalo and does everything that a grown-up do. It will going to teach the whole family about the value of contentment.

Will Queenie finally learn that there are far more important things than money when she loses everything she owns? The problem is, it leads to an accident with her family. Wansapanatay, the help of a magical star, Caloy is able to get everything he asks for including the promotion he has always wanted.


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Julia MontesJ. Until one day a magical clown name Swap Matt Evans offers him the power to swap new toys for a price.

Because of this, Nicolas felt bad and decided to run away from home with the help of a magical toy, thinking that he will be much better off away from his family. Because of her amazement, Yayo decided to share to a sick wansapantaaym man about Dahlia’s special powers. Carl Ejay Falcon finally bought the car of his dreams. Thank you, dreamscapeph for the chance to work again for Wansapanataym The episode fatpatty was fun to do!

Inside, there’s a fairy crying for help because her kingdom was being invaded by evil weeds. Boyong drinks the transformation serum to keep his wandapanataym form. Sign up and be a member. Venus Erich Gonzalesis an ugly girl who transforms into a beautiful lady when she wears a magical black scarf. Miko borrowed a book but he lost his library card so he used Gwen’s instead. Ali Badbad en da Madyik Banig Although he has a noble heart, Ving always gets picked on and is not well accepted by his classmates Chelsea and Warren.

Will she finally get the attention and love that she has been looking for with his help? My Kung Fu Chinito: She starts visiting the home of her neighbor, Lola Casilda. In turn, she helps the toys. Everything happens for a reason.

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But with his pure heart and superpowers, he will make sure that goodness will prevail in the end. Kenny wants to help his dad, a police officer, in seizing Black Shadow, a well-known cat burglar. At the end, it turns out that it was only a dream all along.

His tikbalang traits have 3 gold hair strands. Ali Enchong Deeis a lower class boy who sells mats beside a hardware enterprise. When she receives a magical goldfish producing golden pellets, Pam overuses her pet’s extraordinary ability thinking that wealth will epiisode her family whole again.


However, as her family starts to live a wealthy life, Kate suddenly becomes too arrogant and loose fulll their money.

flul Because of her bad behavior, a magical bird will punish her to become a human bird. She wants to impress the boy of her dreams by adopting a cat named Jacqueline. It will teach fellow kids about the importance of proper nutrition.

Tanya has also copied her habit. Ang nawawalang ngipin ni Tootsie Nilo is a child who is punished to become pqtty fish after accidentally stepping on a dakuwaka, a rare kind of fish which believed to be the guardian of the sea.

Beauty likes saying bad things to the poor and ugly people, especially to three ugly girls.

Elisa curses a woman named Holly Janella Salvador with a hideous appearance during sunset and back to human form at dawn.

The New Gwen Garci www. Despite warnings from his family, Jairo and Raven continue becoming friends.

What kind of treasure will Yami find in Tanya’s world? She uses all of her gadgets at the same time that she forgets to eat or change her clothes. Uunlike Jasmin, Daisy has so much hatred in her wansapantaaym due to the maltreatment she experienced under her foster parents’ care, keeping her black seedling from turning into white.

Janella Salvador Stars in Wansapanataym Presents ‘Fat Patty’

Kilalang kilala ka ba niya? Almira saves Stella who turns into a mermaid. MariaVandolph QuizonCris Pasturan.