Share this Rating Title: Tall, handsome Vittorio Gassman stars as Peppe, the womanizing glass-jawed palooka who, along with several keystone criminals, stumblebum their way to Which was something new at the time. Retrieved 1 January Tiberio steals a movie camera from a flea market in order to film the safe’s combination with a telephoto lens, but without success. But Peppe does get out, and he and the motley assortment of would-be jewel thieves plot their crime amid hilarious missteps, pratfalls and mass confusion as they break into an apartment that they have the keys for to knock down a wall which wall? Big Deal on Madonna Street Italian:

Meanwhile, Cosimo gets out of prison. Gianni di Venanzo a. The film was shot in ten weeks on locations throughout Rome. There are still a thousand. Also featured are Carla Gravina Nicoletta , a very pretty year-old who went on to only a modest career, and the veteran Toto who plays the incompetent safecracker, Dante Cruciani. This section contains too many or too-lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. The Story of a Perfect Crime Re-energized, the gang break into the apartment and set about breaking through the last wall.

New York Herald Tribune. Asked if it was also a parody of Jules Dassin ‘s film RififiMonicelli said, “Yes because we saw this as a film shot in a very harsh, realist style.

To make people laugh with a story that was dramatic rather than comic. A group of misfits, headed by an incompetent knight named Brancaleone, set out to reach the small town of Aurocastro so that their leader can take possession of the fief. Mario Renato Salvatoripetty thief and the youngest member of the group; Michele Tiberio Murgiaposturing Sicilian crook who needs money for his sheltered sister’s dowry; Tiberio Marcello Mastroiannidown and out photographer caring for his baby with his wife in jail on a minor offense; and Capannelle Carlo Pisacaneelderly pickpocket.

We also have the death of Cosimo, and his funeral. The film was shot in ten weeks on locations throughout Rome.


Especially in those days, although that tendency remains even in contemporary Italian cinema Use the HTML below. Audible Download Audio Books. Which was something new at the time. Also featured in this comedy by Italian film legend Mario Monicelli are Marcello Mastroianni and Claudia Cardinale, who would go on to fame and fortune, but here have only modest parts.

Cardinale spoke French so I had to dub her voice into Sicilian.

But Di Venanzo understood the tone. A hapless small-time Roman crook, Cosimo Memmo Carotenutois arrested for a bungled car theft and sentenced to a few months in prison. And in the jail several men share one cigarette while they blow the smoke into a bottle to capture it so that others might get a little nicotine as well!

There are still a thousand.

The Criterion Collection DVD that I viewed has excellent yellow subtitles, but some of the iflm come so fast and with such comedic as well as denotative intent that it is easy to miss something. In an oversight Esposito manages to flee again.

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Teresa – la moglie di Tiberio. Mario Angeletti Memmo Carotenuto So I had to have a Sicilian dub his voice. An impulsive braggart takes a shy law student pigein a two-day ride through the Roman and Tuscany countries. Big Deal on Madonna Street”. Bottoni superiors inform him that if no catches him will lose his job.

Lucia’s son, Gianni, goes to Naples to study medicine, but there he knows a ballet dancer. Films directed by Mario Monicelli.

Chroniques du CinĂ©phile Stakhanoviste: Le Pigeon – I soliti ignoti, Mario Monicelli ()

On the other hand, you know that in Italy we speak many different dialects. Italian Parody of ‘Rififi’: Another one of the actors who was supposed to be Bolognesian from Bologna was from Naples, so I had to dub his voice. Re-energized, the monicekli break into the apartment and set about breaking through the last wall. Monicelli explained, “First of all because in Italy we often shoot with actors who are not professional.


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Il marchese del Grillo In the city centers of course it was a little busier, but still not heavy in traffic. Gianni monicellj Venanzo a. Which of course was a particular trait of Italian cinema, to shoot on location. So, for example, the actor who plays the Sicilian was not Sicilian.

Le Pigeon (I Soliti Ignoti) de Mario Monicelli – 1958

Nominated for 1 Oscar. The film is also notable for its breezy jazz score by composer Piero Umilianiwho helped develop the style of the jazz soundtracks now considered characteristic of European films in the s and s. Toto, Peppino, and the Hussy He had insisted on a substantial portion of the loot as the plan’s mastermind but was rebuffed. There is a sense of both recovery and poverty in post World War II Italy in the backdrops and the asides and the circumstances of the characters that lend to this comedy a realistic edge.

Retrieved 1 January Lw containing Italian-language text Wikipedia articles with style issues from ,e All articles with style issues. It was more a parody that fil aligned with a certain realism around us, with the poverty, and with people who had to do the best they could with whatever means possible to survive, with petty crimes.