Chioggia and Sottomarina were not prominent in antiquity, although they are first mentioned in Pliny as the fossa Clodia, local legend attributes this name to its founding by a Clodius, but the antiquity of this belief is not known. Il corpo fu abbandonato e ritrovato il mattino successivo, in un fosso. The population of the comune is around 50,, with the town proper accounting for half of that. Major club teams of the include, Football, – Calcio Padova, now playing lega Pro. Fog is a phenomenon, even lasting all the day long. Tale episodio tragico fu poi ripreso anche nel film La lunga notte del ‘

With 61 million inhabitants, it is the fourth most populous EU member state, the Italic tribe known as the Latins formed the Roman Kingdom, which eventually became a republic that conquered and assimilated other nearby civilisations. Due to its shape, it is referred to in Italy as lo Stivale. Onogur was the name for the tribes who later joined the Bulgar tribal confederacy that ruled the eastern parts of Hungary after the Avars. The most ancient documents naming Chioggia dates from the 6th century AD, Chioggia was destroyed by the King Pippin of Italy in the 9th century, but rebuilt around a new industry based on salt pans. Hera Temple in Paestum , among the world’s largest and best-preserved Doric temples. Despite being one of the victors in World War I, Italy entered a period of economic crisis and social turmoil.

Fog is a phenomenon, even lasting all the day long. Since 9 April Rome and Paris have been ztrage and reciprocally twinned with other, following the motto, Only Paris is worthy of Rome.

La rappresaglia venne poi raccontata da Giorgio Bassani nel suo Cinque storie ferraresi e poi cinematograficamente trasposta da Florestano Vancini nel film La lunga notte del ‘ Venice ruled for centuries one of the largest and richest maritime republics. It is situated across a group of small islands that are separated by canals and these are located in the shallow Venetian Lagoon, an enclosed bay that lies between the mouths of the Po and the Piave Rivers.

Fossil deposits are abundant there. Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Nevertheless, archeological remains confirm a date for the foundation of the center of the town to between the 11th and 10th centuries BC.

It may be connected with the ancient name of the River Po, additionally, the root pat- in the Indo-European language may refer to a wide open plain as opposed to nearby hills. Chioggia is a version of Venice, with a few canals, chief among them the Canale Vena. Fish ponds have been created there as well, the delta and the lagoon are a stopping-point for migratory birds 3.


Chioggia has several churches, much reworked in the period of its ccodevigo prosperity in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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Ghisellini assunse ufficialmente l’incarico il 21 sttrage Hungary is the 11th most popular country as a tourist destination in Europe and it is home to the largest thermal water cave system, the second largest thermal lake in the world, the largest lake in Central Europe, and the largest natural grasslands in Europe.

An example of a ‘gemellaggio’ twinning agreement between CastellabateItaly and BlieskastelGermany. Chioggia railway station A. It keeps up a security and universal health care system.

Comune in Veneto, Italy. Maria, founded in the century, became a cathedral in Other ancient Italian peoples of undetermined language families but of possible origins include the Rhaetian people and Cammuni. Its population is five million, ranking fifth in Italy. The borders of the province are almost the same from the Medieval commune, the Diocese of Padua covers the most part of the province, out of a main part of Alta Pianura, instead it includes areas from the surrounding provinces.

Among individual sports, cycling, athletics, swimming, rowing, tennis, fencing, golf and horse-back riding are often practiced, as well as martial arts. The practice was continued after the Second World War as a way to promote mutual understanding, for example, Coventry twinned with Stalingrad and later with Dresden as an act of peace and reconciliation, all three cities having been heavily bombed during the war.

The bull was a symbol of the southern Italic tribes and was often depicted goring the Roman wolf as a defiant symbol of free Italy during the Social War. The population of the comune is around 50, with the town proper accounting for half of that.

According to Livy and Silius Italicus, the Veneti, including those of Padua, formed an alliance with the Romans by BC, against their common enemy, men from Padua fought and died besides the Romans at Cannae. The province of Padua is rich in touristic sites, Padua is home of some masterpieces from Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture, while the towns of Cittadella and Montagnana are famous for the well preserved Medieval city walls.

The coastline covers approximately km, of which km are beaches, the coasts of the Adriatic Sea are characterised by the Venetian Lagoon, a flat terrain with ponds, marshes and islands.


Christopher Columbus discovered America inopening a new era in the history of humankind. Also the Phoenicians established colonies on the coasts of Sardinia and Sicily, the Roman legacy has deeply influenced the Western civilisation, shaping most of the modern world 2.

In mainland Europe, the most commonly used terms are twin towns, partnership towns, partner towns, the European Commission uses the term twinned towns and refers to the process as town twinning.

Royal LibraryTurin. On 23 OctoberHungary became again a democratic parliamentary republic, in the 21st century, Hungary is a middle gilm and has the worlds 57th largest economy by nominal GDP, as well as the 58th largest by PPP, out of countries measured by the IMF. View of San Marco basin in The country plays a prominent role in regional and global economic, military, cultural and diplomatic affairs, as a reflection of its cultural wealth, Italy is home to 51 World Heritage Sites, the most in the world, and is the fifth most visited country.

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Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. In altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. The tribuni maiores, the earliest central standing governing committee of the islands in the Lagoon, the traditional first doge of Venice, Paolo Lucio Anafesto, was actually Exarch Paul, and his successor, Marcello Strags, was Pauls magister militum. The city was reputed for its excellent breed of horses and the wool of its sheep, in fact, the poet Martial remarks on the thickness of the tunics made there.

Several sports are practiced in the province of Padua, rugby union and volleyball are popular sports too, there are several teams also for basketball and field hockey, water polo, American football and baseball are played too.

Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Similarly, inBristol Corporation sent ffilm leading citizens on a mission to Hanover. Onogur was the name for the tribes who later joined the Bulgar tribal confederacy that ruled the eastern parts of Hungary after the Avars.