But in the end: What the frack, drama? But awesome acting from JIW with what he had to work with, and extra special kudos considering that his finger was really badly cut during the shoot and he carried on like the trooper he is despite the accident. March 17, at 7: His last memory is of young Yeon-woo, and then he dies. But what about next time?

I love it no matter what. Critics will be critics. Oh Live or Die. Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved June 2, The next day, Ari is declared guilty of treason and tortured, refusing to lie about the murder, and is executed by a primitive form of dismemberment while receiving visions of the future once more. Thank you for the recaps though, always the highlight of my day: I was just like, “okay.

I was expecting a real happy ending, and Idont really think the ending is a happy ending because many people are sacrified for hwon and yeowoo’s romance. But to just lay down his sword? Another body lies silently in the palace: They showed us even if MY wanted to he couldn’t join the dark side.

In Februarythere were talks of an extension of four episodes to the episode drama. Ferrara March 15, at Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: True to his word, King Hwon swiftly restores balance to the nation by properly punishing all guilty parties, be they friend, foe or family.


I’m glad I got to follow the recaps so I have some idea of what’s going on. Enraged and devastated, Min-hwa throws a terrible tantrum.

One by one, the lesser ministers in the Council of Evil go down. Baeksang Arts Awards in Korean.

Retrieved December 11, She prays for the remaining sun and moon to see happiness and light, and falls to the ground. Hyung-sun offers to check the validity of the instrument, then demonstrates his own amazing proficiency on it. The sad part is, it started out pretty good and then lost steam right after we finished with the kids.

Even though I could really not care much less about them as characters. I did not expect so many people to die in this episode and was hoping for a trial that would reveal all the sins the evil minister and his minions had done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The moon embracing the sun episode 20| Korean drama| 해를 품은 달

Thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday! The king refuses, for reasons that are rooted in tradition, political strategy, and socio-cultural correctness. Lee Hwon as Kim Soo Hyun. Nancy May 27, at 4: As she inches closer and closer to spisode, Nok-yeong secretly visits Yeon-woo’s father and gives him a special potion, promising that it will embraxes a peaceful death for his daughter.


Sports Hankook Ilbo in Korean. All that said, I thought the finale was true to the spirit of the show. It was a good drama with a happy ending but it could have been sooo much better. Thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday.

Silent The Moon Embracing the Sun Episode 20 Subtitle Indonesia –

All this while, and ferakhir now on as well, you are my friend. Filming began in November with child actors for the first six episodes, followed by the script reading session with their adult counterparts on December 25 at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan. All the characters seems too passive and some of the deaths are not needed.

The Moon Embracing t Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Use the HTML below. Yeom watches tearily as she turns to leave, and then terakuir after her.