Have you tried the beaches all the way down to Pitimbu or North beyond Cabodelo? I want to add that I sincerely hope and look forward to the day Brazil improves because I love Brazil and the people there and think hard about this: TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. I know because I am one of these guys. I know its winter here in JP but its around 30c at the mo and believe it not it feels hotter as the wind has dropped a bit. A stupid question perhaps, but has anyone ever tired of continual hot temperatures?

Brazilian government in Portuguese. Wouldnt that be nice or the cut and thrust of point and counter-point. It may not be the best place to raise a family, but certainly not the worst consider the opportunities and cultural aspects as well. Still needs a lick of paint though. I am aware of other examples but I am not going to bore others. The reviews are weak and without substance. Joao Pessoa has over , residents and the metropolitan area is over a million. In your own words you say you had a lot of problems even though your wife did a lot of the ground work.

And here is yet another point, not only does one have fine views of the sea but one can see right into the kitchen. Commercial interests, that will be my good friends wife selling chocolates in aid of charity. I even saw all the firework casings outside the building. Oops, soap box is moving a bit, must get down. CaptBill as you are off to the freezing cold wastes of Texas Yea Right!!

I have been hot footing it around Brasil these last few days but it was good to get back. There are lots of kiddy buggies, many more than the other stores. I dont believe my credibility has dropped, I believe yours has.

Angora dos Reis was also great. I suggest that you check your facts before posting this kind of rubbish on this Forum and getting into some kind of hissy fit as you only show yourself up as small minded and slightly twisted. There is much more here than the beach community my friend, I have tamba with people from the Governor of Paraiba, rich tourists from Sao Paulo some of whom visit us ; to the people who make a living collecting tin cans and I have found they all shopling us gringos well.


Except your keyboard fills with crumbs. A lot has been posted about JP, mostly informative filkes postive with a few negative comments. You have attempted to put down a beautiful area of this marvellous land. Is there a suggested donation to enter this place? Oh yes — this is more like it! You must come up and see us, Terry, rather you than that frightful chap Gringoes.

Each dish has an explanation of what you are eating in English. Grand Hotel near Lagoa amongst others. What a place this must be if you are able to set up a property empire in such a short space filmex time. There are young lads on little motor bikes doing messages and generally people getting on with things.

Jolted back to a soggy reality, we ambled back home. Many will have checked the heading of this website to make sure they havent stumbled onto a CIA plot from Alias.

I wonder whats going to happen to Bahamas shoppimg, one of the biggest in the area, does anyone know??? I explained to Maddog why Beetles are called Fuscas but I dont think he believed me. He tells me at night there a gun shots, people on crack all over the place and general mayhem.

Funny innit how some people think they own a forum and think they can tell other people to keep out. Next door there is a cheaper restaurant with equally fine views but the quality of food is nowhere near as good. E-mail this to a friend.

Temperature is around 30c during the day about 26c at night.

What do Iknow about Joao Pessoa, well I know that Dona Branca now has a website and theypost pictures of their customers on it, the url is http: The good Captain and I are always in touch. Com Milla Jovovich no elenco. Like all good areas in Brasil, it deserves to be honestly promoted. Word of warning take a taxi or leave plenty of time for parking.


One more Gringo now happily in JP land. London Lad — Be careful because some of our usual suspects might be making commissions in JP. Not gringo price BTW. Good to see someone that speaks their mind instead of hiding behind the transparent phony niceties which are about as genuine as a 90 cent note 9 bob note for the poms.

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This eem is spotless and they also take care of the children while you get your food. No real surprise; as in every major city, crime concentrates in a few neighborhoods, but occasionally spills over.

The police are on ek streets in force but I never feel threatened by it. Fonesou Reviewed February 17, Heat as always is a personal thing. Com Colin Firth e Ben Kingsley. How can I find out about schools and local healthcare without going myself? There are some smaller independent schools like Pinnochio but that en on where you live and the age of your child. My students will be agog to find out their humble English teacher is indeed a thriving property magnate working for a meagre salary only in the goodness of his own heart.

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I wanna visit JP, I just want a beach. I know what scared is.

Tamashin — true, true. The central, once again, is not a place to be walking around after dark. The laid back beach mentality …. My opinions are based from my personal experiences in the Rio de Janeiro area over the last eight years.