Rewatched through episode Personally it went up during the Aizen arc and the the final getsuga tensho and the mugetsu was amazing!! Sunite April 5, at 6: Are you talking about when they went back years to explore what happened to the Shinji and the others Visoreds and Urahara was kicked out from Soul Society for helping them? Hopefully it will be so we can see the final chapter! Kubo is currently doing the Final Arc! The latest is the Punk Hazard thing and fights in One Piece are quite good.

I found this site that will hopefully cheer you all up, have a quick read and feel at ease, hope you get better Tite Kubo. Ed and Al used to fight over Winry. So wait for a year or so and you should see bleach up and running again. Cause there are very many good anime series out there. Tite Kubo also stated that he would like to bring Aizen back in some way for this arc….. Tabz May 21, at 7: When good anime comes to an end I feel sad because finding good anime to watch is difficult. Once an anime catches up to the manga, it forces the anime to put out filler episodes.

Hallowichigo23 April 4, at 2: Choose a video to embed. We are very unhappy about this. It was so good my whole family got into the show, including my girlfriend, and they are not big on animes. I completely agree with T-BO.

But I still have to watch the rest of Fairy Tail. The show really went down hill after that. So wait for a year or so and you should see bleach up and running again. If they anticipated having this much trouble, why not delay the airing of these new shows until the Final Arc was done?


One of my best friends just imformed me.

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Its the bleach day and im seriously disappointed with the cancellation Bleach is still a large canvas to be written… The manga is going to be awesome! But they put fillers right after the fight with grimmijov.

Even though this manga is a little childish, it is still quite interesting. Bleach started around 11 years ago with some fantastic graphics and just kept growing. This is preferable, though difficult to achieve.

As for Bleach I enjoy it and I look forward to it. Cause there are very many good anime series out there.

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Sunite March 27, at 6: Pure Evil Reborn May 9, at 3: That is literally more than 2 years worth of episodes. Kudos to englihs makers for such a fantastic work of literature over so many years they deserve tons of prizes.

Bleach is awesome and all but fairy tail is good, probably just as good as bleach. They are just probably giving themselves more time to focus on the manga, or it could be some money deal or something. Bleach releases about volumes a year, that basically means that Shueisha loses qnimeratio least one million in sales every year. Maybe not in a few years.

I may have to start reading the comic. Either way i dont believe that Kubo would just let the anime end just as the new arc was supposed to start, without knowing or being somewhat sure that it would alvhemist aired again.


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I need my daily kenpachi meds lol Like Like. Of course you do! And one more thing, they really need to give us more info on his vasto lorde transformation as I guess he will be needing engish strength in the final arc keeps fingers crossed.

Ahh yeh i never thought about the money and paying staff, but thats a good thing. Anyways they don’t have all of it on Netflix apparently so I am frustrated. Well there’s a lot of them, but I’ll start of with some popularseries: Animeratioo that I will watch Fullmetal Alchemist.

The final arc is alchemisy on right now in the manga and its EPIC. I get exactly where your coming from. IF it wont be back. No offense meant to those who like one piece, brothwrhood, or both.

The ratings for the fullbring arc was very low. The manga is having so many fights and loads of spoilers which I could tell you right now!! Actually tho I love everyone tbh well maybe not literally everyone but great characterization and such greedling has a very attractive voice in the dub.