Trivia The instrument Hermes is playing to celebrate the African holiday Kwanzaa, is a kalimba, a westernized version of mbira – the instrument he should have been playing. Retrieved from ” https: It originally aired as a holiday special on November 21, , before the remaining episodes of Season 6 were broadcast in Bender criticizes the crew for not celebrating his made-up robot holiday Robanukah from ” Fear of a Bot Planet ” and sings a song explaining it, detailing a tradition in which fembots must wrestle in petroleum oil for six and a half weeks. Goofs When the shutters around the Planet Express building are closed, the Xmas lights that were draped around the building have disappeared. TV – Musical Episodes. Bender explains the sacred holiday of Robanukah. Views Read Edit View history.

A curtain descends and Al Gore appears to close the episode. Kwanzaa-bot voice Dawnn Lewis Written by Nick the Nameless. Bender flaunts his perfection, citing inspector 5, but perhaps he spoke too soon A Doctoral Exam Pregame. Since all surface reserves of petroleum have been exhausted, the crew tunnels toward the Earth’s core; the immense pressure crushes everyone to death except for Bender, who decides to take a nap. Coolio reprises his role as Kwanzaabot in the third segment. Bender in the Flesh.

TV – Musical Episodes.

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Coolio reprised his guest-starring role of Kwanzaa-bot in the Kwanzaa segment. The crew visit Hermes and his family for Kwanzaalearning more about the holiday through a song by Rrobanukah. He reminds the viewer that the characters will return infeaturing himself as a major character called Captain Lance Starman.

However, the crew discover there is no beeswax in the world due to a colony collapse disorder caused by an infestation of blood-sucking mites.

Futurama – Happy Robanukah, Kwanzaa and other made up holidays!

Everybody are celebrating “Kwanzaa” at Hermes’ home. Though the trees seem beneficial at first, returning the planet to a lush, orbanukah state, their uncontrolled growth produces dangerously high levels of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Fry accidentally stands Leela up on her birthday. In its original American broadcast, the episode was viewed by an estimated 1. Views Read Edit View history. A Doctoral Exam Pregame.


The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

Kwanzaa was my favorite simply for the returning characters. Edit Did You Know?

Cinderella weaves its magic and brings a fairy tale to life. Professor Farnsworth wants to live his youth and Amy wants to eat mass quantities rbanukah food. The Futurama Holiday Spectacular 21 Nov 6. Robot Santa attacks the Planet Express building on Xmas Eve, explaining in song how the epsiode should be celebrated.

Hermes uses the Kwanzaa tenets to spread goodwill between the space bee drones, restoring harmony and killing the mites. The crew are inspired to revive the pine treewhich became extinct in the ‘s, with seeds from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. However, the now-united swarm destroys Kwanzaabot and encases the crew members in wax to use as candles for its own Kwanzaa celebration.

Coolio as Cuturama Al Gore as himself. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

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Coolio reprises his role as Kwanzaabot in the third segment. Edit Storyline Three separate holiday stories: Al Gore’s Head voice Dan Vebber Each segment features recurring elements, including an environmental theme, a song, and ending in which most or all of the main characters either die or face certain death.

Win passes to see Furious 7 first in Boston or Hartford. The only problem is that the pine trees have been extinct for over years. The Professor tells him that a small quantity might be left, buried deep inside the earth and the quest begins. Futuramq Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Turanga Ffuturama voice John DiMaggio Connections Referenced in Futurama: He explained that the weakest segment of the show was when Robot Santa made an appearance to help sing about the traditions of the holiday, but praised the two ending segments of the show. Futurama delivers strong ratings! Those parts all kind of felt forced, but I think the Robanukah oil shortage worked the best.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Each of the stories had a slight environmental message in it. When Bender lights a celebratory cigarthe sparks ignite the air and burn the planet to a cinder, killing the entire population.


Trivia The instrument Hermes is playing to celebrate the African holiday Kwanzaa, is a kalimba, a westernized version of mbira – the instrument he should have been playing. Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode a 9. Retrieved January 14, You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Several weeks later, out of laziness Bender insists on celebrating the fake “Robanaca”.

As the oxygen levels explode Bender causes the whole earth to catch fire. Every act had a different song devoted to its holiday, but XMas had my favorite thanks to Evil Robot Santa: Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site.

For the traditional oil wrestling he needs petroleum oil but all petroleum resources are empty. Leela attends the Annual Astor Endowment Fundraiser, but once high society discovers she’s a mutant, Leela’s handed over to the police for permanent deportation.

Normally I gag at holiday episodes before Thanksgiving, but after two and a half months, I’ve finally gotten my Futurama fix. I thought it was fitting the first act was devoted to XMas robanuksh, which has been a part of the show duturama the first season. And each story ended with everyone dying save for Bender during Episodrso each holiday was equally disrespected. The Planet Express crew goes out before Amy’s big exam.

The second segment is based on ” Robanukah ” a holiday based on Chanukahmade-up by Bender to avoid robanukhain which Bender leads the crew on a search for petroleum oil in order for him to celebrate the holiday. Retrieved from ” https: And it’s probably the best holiday episode of any show we’re going to see this year.

Archived from the original on Professor Farnsworth attempts to make Fry feel better about his intelligence but fails miserably.