Principal Wood is now present as Xander, Anya, Dawn, Willow, Kennedy, and Buffy all open up the brown leather bag and go through it’s contents. Some will die and nothing I can do will stop it. The SIT’s are gone, save Kennedy. Spike argues that he did everything for her, the Soul, the changes, everything, but Buffy now wants the Dangerous Spike. She says she thought it would be cool, but instead it just hurt. Buffy says Wood wanted to see the place and she’s showing him around. And he finds it! And anyone in a rush to be the next dead body I bury, it’s easy.

Login to leave a comment. Rational Spike is showing his self, saying that Anya’s safest place was with him, out of danger. Entering the front door of the Summer’s home later that day, Buffy shows Wood in, explaining to him how the Potential Slayers all started arriving, mentioning the Council of Watchers has since been destroyed, and both look around at the living room where it looks slightly un-living room like, with sleeping bags rolled up in all corners and research books strewn about. Amanda then sadly says that was Chloe’s favorite book. Spike comes into the Summers home’s living room, dragging the demon in with him, as he glances at the well lit portal before him. Kennedy leads in drill-seargent fashion rows of girls in combat exercises, shouting out different positions of attack and defense 4 rows of 4 girls, 16 SIT’s in formation. Dawn stands next to Xander by the pedestal as she reads from the book.

The scene has Spike getting his ass kicked, but he is a beyond-care attitude, smiling at every punch he receives, ready to really let loose on the demon. Wood says that they’ve got to try and get Buffy back, but Anya remembers the very hurtful “i’m superior” speech of Buffy’s and thinks she should find her own way back.

Still nighttime and Buffy is outside, piling dirt on a fresh-layed grave by lantern-light in a lightly wooded area somewhere. No copyright infringement is intended. Buffy says Wood wanted to see the place and she’s showing him around. Buffy lays it out, saying “they’re not all gonna make it. Willow turns to Dawn and says that she might wanna put some coffee on, this could take a while, but subtitless both Dawn and Kennedy are blown back by a powerful blast as Willow looks towards the sky, eyes as black as night, and she screams out in fury!

A07e15 then say the startling revelation “You are greke hellmouth’s dubtitles guardian. She picks up a book from the ground Greek to English dictionary and places it on a table that holds other foreign language books French, 0s7e15, etc Xander, Dawn, Anya, and Spike are present too.


Buffy bolts upright, having been jolted out of sleep, looking around in the living room at all the Sleeping SIT’s, still in shock from her dream. Just then a bright flash off in front of them and a large, horned demon appears yes, another one, but this one’s bigger. Buffy goes off on the Shadow men, saying they violated the girl who became k first Slayer so that it could do their dirty work. All slowly file into the kitchen as Kennedy says that Willow can just use her magic, but Willow doesn’t know where to begin or what magic to use.

Willow shoots Buffy a look, until Wood continues, saying he meant with magics.

She looks around and sighs “Well, guess that worked” as she heads off in a random direction. Wood closes the shades to s07e5 office as he asks her if “it’s started? All can hear it, and Xander thinks it’s creepy. Buffy says she thinks she made a mistake, telling that the shadow men offered her power and she didn’t take it. Wood says not to blame Buffy, that he asked. The pedestal now grreek faster and the light starts to grow, yreek shadows on the wall taking on a life of their own as we see the girl gow against the chains, the demons approach, and the three tribal men beat staffs on the ground.

Buffy then asks if anyone wants to say anything about Chloe. Willow then defends Buffy briefly, saying she’s not out of line. He reaches around a desk and pulls out a large brown leather bag, an “Emergency kit” that his mother had and that was supposed to be passed down from Slayer to Slayer.

Buffy says he’s an Ally. Willow breathes a sigh of relief, not knowing how she was going to explain the weapons.

Rational Spike is showing his self, saying that Anya’s safest place was with him, out of danger. Collecting himself coolly, Spike pulls out a cigarette and, lighting a match on the demon’s carcass, says “I dunno your feelings big guy, but to me, a tussle mothed that Spike agrees with her the entire time, trying to simply walk on and towards is goal of getting out and getting drunk.

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I can’t read this. Willow apologizes, saying that she was one of the more powerful people nearby, that that’s how “it” works. Anya sees the box and asks Wood what’s inside. He couldn’t part with it after his mother’s death until now.


Willow says it’s ok, that they’ll get by, they always do. Dawn says her plan is to not do it Joke!

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Otherwise he’s no good to her. Spike says he’s going out, seeing subttitles he’s not a girl nor just waiting around. Buffy starts to explain that Andrew was evil, but now he’s not so evil, and then abandons the explanation. Buffy then says she will and opens up with “Chloe was an idiot. Spike and Wood then start to square off and size each other up, standing toe to toe, with Wood questioning Spike’s “goodness” and Spike defending and explaining his newfound soul-enduced outlook.

Buffy is on the bed, resting, as she thanks Willow for bringing her back again and apologizes for being so rough earlier in the day. Buffy then says she came there to learn, so tell her what she needs to know. He taunts the demon the same one that appeared with Buffy’s disappearance and starts to pick a fight.

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Just think of Chloe. Willow corrects him, saying “those are Muppets. Willow pours sand in a large circle on the ground as Dawn explains to a curious Kennedy that the sand will help contain the dimensional portal they want to create.

He strides out with a purpose, the duster flowing behind him, as he goes down the hall, past Principal Wood’s office, with Wood in the doorway. Spike comes into the Summers home’s living room, dragging the demon in with him, as he glances at the well lit portal before him. Spike notices Wood and asks Buffy about him.

Kennedy tells Spike that he doesn’t look so good and that last time she saw, the demon kicked his ass. Buffy struggles against the chains as two of the Shadow men start to rhythmically bang their staves on the ground as the third grabs a box and yourr it in the center of an swirled design on the cave floor. A rough map of Sunnydale is displayed, with a castle as their headquarters and little”demon faces” scattered about representing motner First’s appearances. Where the pedestal was now floats a glowing mass of blue and white.