Must watch to find out!! I shan’t start heaping on the praises for the show now or I’ll never stop. I can honestly say that I have never hated a soda can as much as I do now. Did she not want to see him? And I, swear on the Bible, just cried as I wrote that last sentence. Drama korea high kick 3 sub indo, download drama korea high kick, drama korea high kick 3 sub indo, drama korea high school love on, downloa Although, at one time I actually looked for that Canon camera since I’m into photography. Korean drama your lady , korean drama your lady eng sub ep 1, korean drama your lady , korean drama your lady eng sub ep

I have to admit, though, that I am happy she has returned. When I started the show last week, I found Tae Ik and Kang Hwi’s petty fighting to be obnoxious, but since learning more about their personalities, I find them much more entertaining. Was she in shock? People almost-die a lot in this drama lol. I have no idea if this makes sense. Their relationship has also come almost full circle as well.

Full House Take 2 episodes Let me just say one thing. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. The old adage of thing change and you can never go back is revealed here.

It’s funny how JH finally can go home but that home is not the same. If she gives Eun-ki everything, she wants Maru to give her all the copies of the illicit tape recording. Some people from the initial episode complaint about MR’s attitude who suddenly gone revenge for JH who betrayed him, because it’s his choice to take the blame right? dramacrqzy

I know Maru’s whole “I’m going to stab you” thing was supposed to be romantic, with the music and jacket-covering and all, but it just came off innoocent. And since she did allow MaRu to serve 7 years in jail, accuse him of blackmail, have him beat up, etc. It’s ironic that MR asks Jnnocent to run away like she did at the beach before the accident. I agree with you. Speaking of which, i think NG is up there giving Vampire Prosecutor a run for its money when it comes to the ridiculous number of flashbacks they both have per episode!


Drama korea terbaru narashika movie, drama korea terbaru narashika the legend, drama korea terbaru narashika drama, drama korea terbaru nara With the final episode already been aired, it’s a bit anticlimactic now I will go anywhere you go. I wouldn’t say that she would have never chosen the boring happy home. As for the why, Jae-hee proposes a deal.

Finally, someone is speaking sense. With Maru’s skills, I bet he would have risen up the ranks really fast. At first I thought the format was a bit strange, having 4 half-hour episodes per week. When she returned to the Chairman’s after the murder, wasn’t she in tears and all like “did you know what I have dramacrazh to the man I value more dramacazy my own life? What I am personally looking forward to the most is the inevitable downfall of Han Dramacrrazy Hee.

I took a bunch of screencaps of this episode, and I only posted a few on here. I like how the drama didn’t depict Jae-hee as some psychopath evildoer.

I personally love a good worrying-and-searching-for-someone-they-say-they-don’t-like-but-secertly-do scene, and this one was no exception. Next week should bring some major drama, and answers, I hope, because the last two episodes will air!

Nice Guy: Episode 19 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Drama korea terbaru a coffee to go korean, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go park, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go asianwiki, epusode kore Posted by Kdrama Therapy at Kang Hwi The last episode of the week episode 4 part 2 begins where the previous one leaves off with Take One performing.

I was wondering why epixode replayed such a long part of the previous episode at the beginning of the next because the videos are so short it seemed like a waste of airtime, but thinking about them as parts makes a lot iinnocent sense.

Now, every time there is a close up of the brand name, i think of PPL. Miraculously rehabilitate his inability to believe he deserves happiness! They were two parties involved in the mistake.

Maru listens to the death recording again and hones in on Min-young asking Jae-hee: And if there happens to be punishment that you deserve, accept it all. I haven’t seen much of KBS America because the channel usually costs more through cable and satellite. I did feel bad for MaRu when he was talking about what could have been, but honestly I think because of my intense dislike for Jae Hee and the fact that she was responsible for her own actions, I did not shed a tear.


Kang Hwi’s vision suddenly becomes blurry it had happened briefly before during the fan meeting and he stops mid-concert to try to regain his sight. In any case she in her almost right mind decided to go after what she wants and it backfired, slapped her in the face and hard too. Did anyone else feel like the wind was really let out Nice Guy’s sails in this episode?

Thanks for the recap. He definitely wants Eun-ki to be happy, but seems a little fuzzy on how to actually make it happen for such a smart guy. JH and MY’s moral compass has wavered back and forth. Village Mrembo November 16, at 7: He knows Min-young tried to kill Joon-ha, and offers him a chance to turn himself in while Jae-hee listens from outside the door.

Episode 20

Eun Gi and Ma Roo circle around each other like cautious children who have crushes, and it is so innocennt to watch the innocent new relationship develop. Stop all the useless acts, and throw away all the heavy weights laid upon you. Drama korea what s up sub indo my secret, drama korea what s up sub indo goblin, drama korea what s up sub indo spiderman, drama korea what He really helped JH realize that what she’s mman doing was childish and that simple things are good too.

Possessions do not fix things. Get out of the picture. Love you Kang Ma Ru! Chickletta November 15, at 9: Korean drama your ladykorean drama your lady eng sub ep 1, korean drama your ladykorean drama your lady eng sub ep Thanks for the recap and the dramacrazzy warning warning. Did she not want to see him?