Every life is a story filled with lessons ripe for the picking. In the Name of Love Behind the Scene: They play a very significant role in our existence. Twelve round fruits should be on the table as it is a sign of prosperity for the next twelve months. And when is the time that we consider ourselves as truly happy? The story itself is something exciting to look forward to every episode for the twists. A Moment in Time.

Kung may sayawan, siyempre, hindi mawawala ang kantahan. Real life is messy and complicated, and men are not as perfect as you may seem to imagine. This is a highly acclaimed and just as controversial, this foreign film was a huge hit in Mexico. Bongbong Marcos; that was the total votes garnered on the last historical impeachment trial on SALN issue. Even when darkness comes, it still gives its glories to the moon to light up our paths. To be wronged is nothing! Buti na lang at napigilan…. Sa kabuuan, kanina ko pa nga paulit-ulit na sinasabi, maganda talaga ang kinalabasan ng palabas.

Fill up the cupboards especially with basic food stuff. We may have different types of inttoy, but though they have differences, the most important thing is that, they all balance us out and teach us new things. Monster daw ako dahil masama lagi ang tingin ko sa mga mag-syotang nakakasabay ko sa jeep na naghaharutan.


So who says you are not beautiful? Here is the full trailer of the Indie movie “Maligalig! Christmas spirit remains alive in their hearts.

Everybody wants a love story like in the movies or in fairy taleseven me. Hindi dahil bitter ako dahil wala akong syota, pero naman, bakit pa ganoon sila ka showy? The hard work is being consistent; anybody can do right for a day. It’s really gettin’ hot here!


A good laugh is sunshine in the house.

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Kahit nawalan kami ng pamasahe at pangkain matapos magbayad ng tiket, sulit na sulit naman iyon at inline kumakalam ang aming simukra habang nanonood, wala kaming pakialam…. The sun is scientifically considered as the ultimate source of light and energy. Sa mundo kung saan may apat na sulok ang kwarto, malalapad ang mga dingding at may isang blackboard na kulay green, mahirap mabuhay —lalo na kung wala kang papel.

The director might have done better making two movies. Tapos na naman ang wwtch na Captain Barbel, pero bakit tila lahat ay na-last song syndrome sa kantang iyon?

He was a sage whose broad range of interests included philosophy, ethics, education, social criticism, and politics. They play a very significant role in our existence. Sa mundong malaki ang ginagampanan ng dilaw na papel, lahat nagkukumahog para ang mga sarili nila ay maisalba. The Full Trailer of ‘Kape Barako’. As a child of God, Watcu believe that God values me like the great sun.

Our friends are people in our lives that never fade, leave us, or give up on us. Go find what makes you happy! Even though a lot of people are rejoicing because wwatch Chief Justice can now step down on his throne, I still stand that the accusations and allegations thrown and tossed on him were merely not worth impeachable. His philosophy in the analects focused on issues of morality, both from a personal as well as a governmental perspective, he also taught concerning the correctness of social relationships, justice and equality.


The Full Trailer of ‘Maligalig’. Juan Ponce Enrile were in favor for conviction and three voted for acquisition, namely Sen. When we talk about beauty in people, we often refer to their physical attractiveness.

But with or without these rituals we practice since we were young, the most important thing to do this New Year is to thank God for all the blessings He had showered upon marini for the previous years and still thank him for the blessings He will give to us for the coming years.

Patrick Empaynado, an Accountancy student in University of Santo Tomas has chosen the best films for him. The person who succeeds is watchh person who stays committed despite the circumstances.

All in all, the book aimed to teach one great lesson, and that is to act with courage and integrity, be thorough, chart your own path and learn continuously.

The Full Trailer of ‘Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino’

That gives me goosebumps. General Cleaning before new year strikes. Very little is known about his life, other than “his life was his prayer”. All in all, The Crime of Padre Amaro is a very engaging story, and as a film, I must say that, yes, it is very solid.