He picksup the phone and Madhumati is calling. KKG is saying how she is gonna bring colors to his party. Shyam gifts Anjali some flowers and she gets happy. Mythological serials rules Kannada small screen. Payalsays she is nervous, KKG mentally notes that’s what she had thought. KKG comes with her “fake sprain”and they gp. Vikas Gupta comes to Hina Khan’s rescue as fans pull her hair. She was a little put out that she was cut out of the loop.

NK calls, he asks if she isplanning a late entry in the party. Shyam startssneezing suddenly and Anjali panics. Arnav plans a cocktail party 1. Shyamasks Anjali to come with him. Sky TV and Discovery ink exclusive long-term deal. Mythological serials rules Kannada small screen. The flower incident might have acatch which she doesn?

Main jaanta hoon ke tum bahar khadi ho. He wants her to admit she wants to come to his party. They silentlyapproach the two and cough. KKG comes with her “fake sprain”and they gp. However their relationship might be butshe knows he means a lot to Anjali.

Shyam comes and Anjali makes him join the practice. Hum bol rahehain Nandkishore!? June 27, at 7: Rakesh And the winner of Bigg Boss Season 6 could be Join or Log Into Facebook.

Arnav talks about Khushi

She fits into the crowd even though everyone else is wearing Western clothes. Who asked for your advice? Mumbai Mumbai search close. She was a little put out that she was cut out of the loop. Aakash is smiling, Payasl is bit nervous, heasks if she is bored, she asks if she can talk to KKG. Payal realises Khushi is lying and manages to steal the letter away from her.


Khushi gets an idea. She should come home and tryit.

Star India has much to cheer at Golden Globes. Change the way you watch movies. Facebook Twitter Gplus Pinterest. Mythological serials rules Kannada small screen. The Times of India. Tagged with myipkkndrewatch ipkknd iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. PayAsh are praised fortheir coordination. Payal becomes serious, expressing her fears that she will feel out of place at the party and Khushi mutters to herself that she was trying to explain this that Laad Governor.

Finally Khushicomes and anam the phone and Madhumati asks if she knows who picked thephone, she says it? Anjali says Shyam isn? Kya look hain “Crazy people”Anjali says that she should enjoy, KKG says that his whatever is onlythat matters.

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Bigg Boss 11 winner: Vikas Gupta comes to Hina Khan’s rescue as fans pull her hair. Kundali Bhagya written update, February 21, Aaks is no, she is like what you havesend this to may girls?? With films, I now hope to find time for road trips wwritten Madhumati is singing something when Garima asks her about certainclothes she finds in her cupboard. Shyam upsate for not creating chemistry with Anjali. KKG smiles, Payal asks what about her sprain. The Arnav-ification of Khushi Kumari Gupta is well underway!

ASR again calls Khusi, Nk islike who?? She has takenSashi’s phone, Buaji asks him to stay for a bit, he speaks abouttraffic, Buaji says ya, they should go.


Shyam again tries to give animpression that Anjali is illtreating him. But it gets better when she dresses up as Manorama as well in a later episode.

He smiles shyly before asking her to deliver a letter to Payal-ji.

iis pyar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir 19th july 2014 HD part 1

Arnav is trying to impress Khushi with his party-throwing skillzzzzz. Pyaarr say Khushi isn? He finishes by reminding her that he never invited her. Akash compliments Payal on her dancing skills and they have a cute talk. Aakash comes, she calls his Jijaji, he gives her a letter,she is like first love letter?

Khushi flinches a bit and Arnav is watching her. Shruthi Naidu Being myself was what helped me tick in the Bigg Boss house thus far: Select a City Close.

Finally, PayAsh realise that they have anaudience and they tease them for not realising it? One of my favourite things about this show is how the foundation for everything we see in until Shyam finally leaves is laid out in the first 20 or so episodes.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2. KKG is not going, she fakes a sprain.