But now since some girls heard this false statement of Pin, I have a feeling rumors will start spreading about Kurumi and she will get bullied: Thanks, person who gave me this on another site a long time ago, lol. Rage like a volcano BBCode Check out my Tumblr! Sawako’s version of the rumor was by Kazehaya fans, so that means not only Kurumi was spreading the rumor. Yano and Yoshida are pissed at the last sentence, but shocked at Sawako crying.

She said sorry about involving them into the rumor. BBCode “A Legend is but a tale of a beautiful lie. She’s become one of my favorite shoujo heroines. Bad, bad people they were! She is still learning, you know. She is right in front of me and in front of Sawako. After that, Sawako heard about Kurumi not in the game and that it was glad that she was not in the game because another person’s good at sports. About she called her by her name instead of nickname.

LOL They forgot what they were talking about originally. Sawako is shocked and asked Kurumi it’s misunderstanding, right? She ran to find Kurumi. Though I liked this episode quite a lot, dramatic but still with moments of comedic taste.


Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Looks like next week, Kurumi confesses to Kazehaya.

Or feeling sorry for me? She is right in front of me and in front of Sawako. They forgot what they are talking about anymore while Kurumi is more an kimk annoyed. Sawako is Prince Myshkin in a dress and Chizu really bends it like Beckham. Sawako thinks that the reason she’s jealous of her is not about physical appearance, but the feeling toward Kazehaya.


Sawako is thinking about the time with Kurumi while playing soccer. Kurumi’s still a jerk. BBCode “A Legend is but a tale of a beautiful epiisode. In case of copyright infringement or any other issue, please directly contact the responsible parties.

Sawako ran to call Yano and Yoshida they are happy that she called them by their nicknamesand told them not to say about the rumor fodoke Kazehaya. Yano is shocked and said wanted to be straightforward like her.

Kimi ni Todoke – Episode 14 –

Yano then said so she doesn’t mind telling Kazehaya about that. Kurumi confesses all and Sawako and she still comes back to tell her one more thing about her loving Kazehaya Yano said “so you’re not going to change the way? I hate the method she went about to try to “obtain” Kazehaya for herself. What is more impressive is that Sawako could distinguish the feelings of lies toodoke truth on a emotional level from Kurumi.

If you ask me Easily the worst episode so far. The beginning was handled very nicely, but afterward, I’m wondering why the hell this arc is being stretched for so long. Enable Javascript for better experience You would be surprised of how Kurumi changes in the future and the faster she goes away from the show the better.

Such a touching episode. Kurumi stopped Sawako’s asking and calmly admitted that it was her who spread the rumor. Kurumi said what’s wrong with using people? Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Sawako didn’t say anything, except wiping her tears, and left. Sawako is episodw because Kurumi doesn’t like her and never once has she thought of her as friend.


As expected Sawako still thinks of Kurumi as a friend and it’ll probably turn out that way. But then goes 114 to his usual self. I was actually kinda surprised when she walked away from Kurumi without saying anything. Pin was jokes, and a complete idiot. I don’t hate Kurumi. Sawako makes me roll my eyes too much xP Kazehaya isn’t half bad, he’s really cute and not rpisode naive as Sawako What Kurumi said was her way!

She said not at all, because she knows Kazehaya more than her. Kazehaya asked about Sawako and when the spiky hair teacher heard about Kurumi, he’s sighing.

Kimi ni Todoke Episode 14 Discussion

Kurumi told her go ahead and tell Kazehaya about it and get his attention. Kurumi said it’s useless to say pretty when Kazehaya likes Sawako. BBCode Modified tldoke porkypink, Jan 12, 4: BBCode In spoiler my anime list for now. You will be honored to accept his invitation. BBCode Modified by francismeunier, Jan 13, 3: While they are playing Valleyball, she’s thinking about being friends with them comparing to Ttodoke.

It looks like it and you know what happens as a result