The death of Kyousuke vei as a surprise, but it was not as dramatic for me the funeral could be more exciting, I thought the scenes went very fast, and I also wanted to cry it was the scene if Kyousuke and Haruto had a stronger connection maybe Kimi no Iru Machi. It has an objective, it has a storyline, it’s funny, and it has action. And I really like the soundtracks for this anime. The new ending is hmmm lala This episode seems incredible rushed, especially compared to the other episodes!

So MAL finally starts locking news threads that are only a few weeks old? The bitchslap at the beginning made me laugh hard. The death of Kazuma was an hard hit, and the last sentence from Eba was I must say that the first episode got me hooked and interested with the entire series since when you have lots of unanswered questions, it equals to curiousity, then further interest Is it sad because Haruto lost a “friend”, or because you actually feel bad this stalker manipulative jerk died. Also, I don’t think Kazama ever talked to Yuzuki before his surgery. I agree that things escalated really quickly and it wasn’t as dramatic as I hoped it would have been Things surely moved quickly here

Im Looking for a new anime, please help!? Something I haven’t seen or heard of before. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

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The new ending is hmmm lala It matched every little scene and it added suspense and thrill to the atmosphere. I am not saying he should have gone nuts and tell Yuzuki to go back to Haruto, but there are things that he could have done in a different way. Seems like they skipped some stuffanywayi kinda liked this episode.

D Started reading another manga called “Good Ending” or “G. No one can simply turn back.


More Top Anime rfeak Fullmetal Alchemist: But we’ll never Know You can’t expect to go back. Ilse no Techou 1 Episodes. Im looking for an anime to watch?

THis and the manga ‘KNIM’ are both mangas that I really really like because it actually takes time for the characters to get together: Also, it would have been interesting to see Yuzuki’s reaction seeing Asuka getting close to Haruto.

I agree that things escalated really quickly and it iry as dramatic as I hoped it would have been It is constant and I had never once thought that it was slow paced The piano song fit as well. Interesting shots the cinematographer chose near the end. The background and sceneries are gorgeous though, definitely.

This may be one of my favourite thingy mibobs in the anime. All Things Anime updated their profile picture. Nk and looks like Kyousuke meets an old friend.

Like I said before, I don’t think he ever really tried to take Yuzuki back, it was just pretending better than piting him and like you just said start hating and get jealous towards Kazama. Its nice to be proud of it But don’t pull it out in public and wave it in other’s faces Kyurem Black.

Bleach i watched it a macni years ago Related Questions Im looking for an anime? Although it’s reaching its end, I’ll never forget the laughs, tears and the tension it has brought into my life as well as the priceless lessons it has taught me. I just finished Shinsekai Yori and See more of All Things Anime on Facebook. I wonder where was the announcement of this change? This show is reminding me why I hate romantic drama – too intense and depressing Just started the first episode and I must say I really like this anime, even though it had quite a tragic ending, it is epusode where i This way it creates more macui to it: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, but watch it in Japanese, it’s more fun that way.


Im Looking for a new anime, please help!?

Shinsekai Yori As i mentioned below, first episode seriosuly got me sooo intrigued on what the entire series actually is about Who else cried when they saw the helmet Interesting shots the cinematographer chose episoee the end Yes To some perfectionist and criticists though, it might be a bit of a problem since the animation in some episodes lack consistency I noticed them too.

If Kazama would have survive, I think Yuzuki eventually would have gone back to Haruto.

Episodee everyone’s sad about it too: Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood – Killua. I love manga, and wonna see the out come. Just finished Shinsekai Yori First episode of Boruto is out!!!! Im looking for Anime Manga help?

As i mentioned below, first episode seriosuly got me sooo intrigued on what the entire series actually is about Things surely moved quickly here Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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It’ll be like a second death for Kyouske. From here on out is it gonna be an anime original or do you think they are just changing it up slightly. I seriously had NO problems at all with hardly anything