When Sana finds out that he has been blackmailing the teachers, she sets out for revenge. Tsuyoshi and Aono’s parents get a divorce, but Aya manages to capture Tsuyoshi’s heart by getting him a present to help him get through the difficult time. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. Her class is a mess because of a troublemaker named Akito Hayama. A flashback episode where several of Sana’s friends gather to discuss the relationship of Sana and Akito. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Nakao a karate club member cannot find any meaning in his existence and chooses to rot away in the north wing with the blackboard erasers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He leaves the hospital to go shoot the drama with Sana. Misako learns something about Takeshi. Sana runs to get some juice, but on her way back to Akito, she trips and spills the juice all over him. Her crew gets mad at her and quits. Sana cheers her up a bit and explains to Sicil why she shouldn’t be so selfish and spoiled about such a reason. Remix of the first couple episodes in prehistoric times. One is a total diva, who despises Sana. Eric Vale as Sensei ep

When they go back to Tokyo, Sana stays at the hospital for a few months to let her leg heal.


Kodocha (TV)

Registering is freeeasyand private. Sana is enjoying her work on location but at the end of the book, gets attacked by Naozumi’s jealous fans.

Sana and Tsuyoshi visit Akito’s mother’s grave with the Hayama family, which is also Akito’s Birthday. Akito stresses about trying to buy a gift for Sana, and Sana stresses about a job.

Akito begins studying karate, but isn’t happy with his first lessons.

Kenji Akazawa Yasunori Hayama Producer: Gomi learns later that Akito wasn’t the one that told about Gomi going to advance middle school. They need at least five members and a faculty advisor, though.

Chris Patton as Naozumi Kamura. Rosalba Bongiovanni as Sig. This is a list of episodes from the television series Kodocha.

Meanwhile, when Hayama gets released from the hospital, he has lots of trouble managing with only his right hand. Aramis’ Adventure Akazukin Chacha — Eyeshield Before she is able to fully exit the house, she ni due to her fractured leg and cannot get up. She calls out his name and chases after him because he is running away from her.

Shuri, the heroine of Honey Bitteris hired by Eipsode to spy on Akito because he had separated from Sana earlier.

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Nick Creamer has the details. When it’s time for Tsuyoshi’s father to get out of englosh, he wants to go see him when he gets out.


Chikako Shibata Studio Canon. Akito and Tsuyoshi stand up for her though, and in the end, Sana is forgiven by her friends. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Irene Scalzo as Eric 2nd voice. Sana is throwing a Christmas party.

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September 24, [21]. Hana Kino as Misako Kurata. Eoisode is extremely shocked and Sana asks if he wants to go dkb. Marisa Della Pasqua as Bunny.

Gary tells everyone that Naozumi is his son and that he is going to raise Naozumi as a big star. Tsuyoshi’s father is thrown in jail, and Tsuyoshi and his sister are picked on. Anime Boston Saturday Licensing Apr 10, After that, Naozumi is interviewed on TV and reveals that Sana is in love with the one who saw her off the day they left for location.

Jamie Marchi as Ayumi ep InTokyopop lost the license to the manga, leaving it out of print. Hasty Oct 23,