Rise Of The Knights Ripped through space and time, four teenagers emerge in a new world where everything can transform, combine and shape shift. AV Visionen Peppermint Robert Schwentke Thriller min. Join them as they infiltrate the deadly powers behind the Miami drug empire and take down every bad guy from conniving schemers to ruthless criminals. EuroVideo Medien Prokino On her way to the town she meets different people, those who she has to help and those who she would better not meet. Frankenstein, who is kidnapping innocent women for brain transplant experiments in an attempt to bring back his deceased wife, wrestling superheroes Santo and blue Demon are called into action to go head to head with the most interesting mad doctor in the world and his formidable zombie, Golem.

The ice-cold Snow Queen wishes to turn the world into a frozen landscape, with no light, no joy, no happiness, and no free will. The Complete Series Tow serious scientists Corin Nemec and Victoria Pratt join with a contentious teenage girl Mia Faith to discover the deadly truth that in fact, mankind is facing an invasion from deep within the planet. Da ist der Showdown am Ende fast schon etwas aufgesetzt und wirkt so, als ob man den Action-Fans auch noch etwas auf den Weg mitgeben wollte. Epatha Merkerson, Regina King – Dir. Full of furry friends, animation, and real children, this feature includes songs for every letter of the alphabet! David Fincher Fight Club, Zodiac, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button guides the action physical, mental and spiritual – with a sure understanding of what terrifies us, right up to a stunning denouement that will rip the scar tissue off the most hardened soul. But an outbreak of polio affects the nurses and nuns more than they could have imagined. Schlicht und ergreifend betrachtet handelt es sich um einen Porno.

Action, Movies, Thrillers 91min. Saunders, Reavis Graham – Dir.

Hop on a bicycle and share sadness and joy, tears and humor, struggle and survival in this awardwinning drama, based on the best-selling memoirs of former nurse Jennifer Worth. Adding an element of the bizarre to each tragedy is the fact that at the moment of death, one of the large stone outcroppings called menhirs begins to bleed – with blood identical to that of the victim. Grantly Marshall TNT Theatre has developed an international reputation for presenting dynamic, exciting and direct productions of Shakespeare’s major works.


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With the demise of Moriarty, Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch, Star Trek Into Darkness finds himself locked in another mind battle with the powerful Charles Augustus Magnussen, who is holding the secrets of the world at his fingertips. To stop the sale the gang comes up with a series of ludicrous and hilarious schemes to ensure the house never sells. Lancelot von Naso Thriller 90min. In addition, this series marked the animation debut of Jimmy Olsen and classic Superman villains like Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

Norton den Befehl, Murphys Willen auf ein Minimum zu senken Randall Wallace Trailer Abenteuer min. But if they do, will these two women be able to forgive their estranged mother and come together for a sister they never knew existed?

Wer mit Mode nichts am Hut hat, der sollte auf diesen Filmlangweiler lieber verzichten. Anthony Steffen, Mark Damon – Dir. Mad Dimension GmbH Despite his absentminded air, the kindly priest always manages to confound criminals with his inescapable logic and keen understanding of the human condition.

Brian Desmond Hurst Drama 88min. Kai becomes their most deadly edutsch and the heroic inspiration for these outnumbered warriors to confront their enemy and seize eternity. A portrayal of the law and its litigators that was both realistic and irreverent, L. His carefree style does not impress everyone – especially his rebellious teenage niece, Tia, and his bekaa girlfriend Chanice. They are captured by two men: After being found guilty of drug smuggling, patriarch Ian is sent to prison, leaving his wife to care for their four children alone.

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KNM Home Entertainment cultmovie As the shadowy plot that surrounds her comes ayf focus, the new ambassador must uncover whom she can trust in order to survive. He plays the ready steady of the hottie mcsmarty Heather Langenkamp who figures a clever way to flamb the fiend. She is no longer prime minister. Jess Franco Horror 82min. Now Chris Adam Brody and his co-workers must battle nature – and each other ayf to survive!

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Set amid the unparalleled elegance of the Art Deco era, these beautifully remastered adaptations star David Suchet as the peerless Hercule Poirot. Bergman is strong-headed, politically incorrect, intuitive, abrasive – and grief stricken. FilmConfect Home Entertainment Mill Creek Entertainment But after hearing an ominous local legend, the concerned mother and father begin to realize that their children may have fallen prey to something inhuman – and that this dark, unstoppable evil has now returned home with them.


Andrew Weiner Horror 83min. Richard Tuggle Lured by the promise of kinky sex, two men prowl the French Quarter.

Rainer Erler Kriminalfilm 84min. Bei ihm steht das Ethische im Vordergrund. Detective Rafael Martinez, the newly appointed head of the Boston Police Departments drug unit, who has a conflicted professional past with Jane, forcing her to relive a painful experience. With Aunt Bam by her side, Madea uses her unique wit and wisdom for unforgettable results. This fast-paced whodunit has won legions of fans in kurdisfher home country, and with syndication coming to the U. Breaking Glass Pictures On the turbo-charged streets of Los Angeles, every night is a championship race.

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Paramount Home Entertainment Devils And Demons, Horror, Movies 89min. Pidax film media Pidax film There, a team of ambitious and competitive attorneys must cilm the conflicts between their personal desires, their obligations as lawyers, and their principles as human beings. They face overwhelming complications including pirates, kidnapping and bankruptcy.

Get ready for breathtaking action bekaz this thrilling epic adventure about a legendary gorilla captured on a treacherous island and brought to civilization, where he faces the ultimate fight for survival. Milton Berle – leading Murdischer shopping with Milton as he selects a diamond ring for his wife. Habib, verheiratet und bereits Opa und schon seit langer Zeit in Deutschland, trifft durch Zufall seine alte Jugendliebe wieder. Alfred Vohrer Booklet Drama min.

His family decides to care for him despite his undead state, attracting the attention of the violent anti-zombie mobs that are roaming the streets.

Disasters, Drama, Movies, Thrillers min. The Big Wheel The ambitious son of a racing driver struggles to succeed as a driver in his own right. As a recognized genius of American comedy, Bob Hope has no equal. Braving his enemies, he attempts the unthinkable and courageously tries to conquer Constantinople for his people.

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