I never get tired of watching his work — and felt the same about acting with him. What was it like working with RC Everbeck? That part’s easy; I have three brothers and three sisters. My family has a long history in the military, back to the beginning of this country, so that was easy. How did your first meeting with the director go? Please click the link below to receive your verification email. He also edited the film and produced the visual effects. I enjoyed working with him a great deal.

Her varied career in film, television and theater is impressive. If it’s not exactly right he tells me and gives me an example so I know, okay, this is what I need to do. The FBI and clandestine services have always intrigued me too. David Wellman Richard Topping My family has a long history in the military, back to the beginning of this country, so that was easy. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. You know, he did. Particularly for the climbing scenes?

He’s a really nice guy. I quit though because I was scared to go to practice because they’d say go up there and do a back flip, and I was like, ‘I’ve never done that before,’ and they said, ‘Just go.

Most good climbers are very wiry and movje, so I trained hard in the gym for the six months prior to shooting and dropped a good 25 lbs before we set off for Yosemite.

That detextor awhile back, I did platform diving. He was interviewed during post-production.

Scott Forslund co-writerTim Ryerse co-writer. There were a few instances where I was very appreciative of forzlund technical advisor, Erik Sloan, and his climbing crew who rigged the scenes. They basically took me to Yosemite and put me on rocks.


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He’s funny; a good actor. Overall, women continue to be grossly under-represented within the film industry — on both sides of the camera. Post Share on Facebook. She is currently based in the Portland Metro area. I like his accent. What was your approach in taking on the character of David Wellman?

Lie Detector

Fortunately, I was a keen rock climber in high school, and am fairly comfortable hanging from a rock face. The retector star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about fors,und The Walking Dead. Since the scene like any scene needed a wide establishing shot, medium over the shoulders for both RC and myself and then close-ups it was a long, long, long night.

None without Sin,” and the independent feature film “Unremembered,” along with countless commercials and industrials.

What’s your take on that? I play lacrosse and hip hop dance, and break dance, and I play soccer. I figured they did that in case I couldn’t climb, then they could recast the movie before they got too far in laughter.

How were you cast in the film? What do you think of your director? Log in with Facebook. Scott Forslund’s wide ranging talents include writing, directing, fine art, cinematography, visual effects, post sound work, miniatures and much more. But we goofed around too, forslune was a lot of fun.

Lie Detecting

My friends say I’m funny. Scott Forslund wrote, produced and directed Lie Detector. Because it’s a physical movie, we spent a lot of time at the gym where we broke down scenes and worked on them till they felt realistic; each with our own approach.


So I quit, it was a little too intense for me. Eventually he asked me to fly up for a meeting and do a couple scenes with other cast members. You’re from Los Angeles, what was it like shooting a movie in Portland? The chemistry you share with RC Everbeck is remarkable, you do seem like the best of friends even though your characters are very different types.

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But after we got into it, the chimney didn’t scare me because I was trained so well. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star. Did you have to do any special preparation for the role? He had some commercial and print advertising experience, but never auditioned for a feature film prior to “Lie Detector. Any interesting anecdote you’d like to share? InTopping moved to the United States to pursue a career in acting and writing.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. But when I heard I got the part – a movie on my first audition – I was so excited because I’d always wanted to be an actor.