I was wondering if you would like to affiliate? Ok so I went hunting for a lot of these images mostly puni and melodeiia. I consider myself a writer, but I prefer to write fanfictions. Register, it’s almost free Join a laid-back, close-knit community of mixed interests Get a free account! Loli is a big offender yo and they all come in. So she draws “kawaii” art. No one can beat LoliHime-Sama either. Get a life you 6 Yr old kid go back to the playground or play with you’re barbies we are done with you.

I was getting like 90 some thing in that course and wasn’t insufferably annoying unlike some other students so she didn’t care. Anonymous on the “Hinausa trying to start drama by ref. Last year for a while, towards the end of the school year, my Planning 10 class wasn’t doing much. One day, I was lookitng through a topic on boxers vs. You will get caught. Lightweight Theme by Artur Kim.

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I own a shimapan and some times I wear it on my head. I’m not lolikittens im her sister and well I posted it not her so jokes on you. Though saying that, I can’t really call her or any ‘kawaii’ artist an actual artist because you know, there’s a line between art and just drawing. However, there are artists that think its okay to trace and try to get away with it. Jan 19 9: I’ll work on the blog over the weekend loliihime hope it won’t look as new anymore saa.

It turns out the guy’s always watching me but that he’s usually so fast at turning his head when I make a move that I never noticed.


Would you like to spread the word and affiliate? I didn’t know you like shimapan. This blog was created because place like AG and AC were having too many kawaii posts and it pissed everyone off so the previous mods made this blog. Anonymous I’m a bit annoyed by Sachi-pon she pretty much called blogs like this one as a bullying hate blog: What’s sad is that she’sand acts all high and mighty because she has so many fans.

And here she is almost feeling proud of what she did to buidelrat: Why do people like to nit pick at every little thing. Thats odd, comments seem availableā€¦is their another way to change it? DarkChaplain I know ahh, the gems that I uncover: Took me a while to found the bar menu lol maybe that’s the reason people don’t submit on here?

No one deserves an ED and this is coming from a person who despises Loli lol. If that’s what she enjoys drawing then she has the right to draw it and share it with whomever is interested.

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She has twice as much haters and even ‘friends’ hate her. I want to be a kawaii artist LOL I would never copy puni for the laughs. lolihim

Space-bunnies is a really kind, amazing and awesome artist! Please check her out! Jan 21 2: Looks like anon has got nothing lolihi,e to do than provoke a person they full well know will react, all for a laugh.


It was kinda sad, now that I think about it, Luckily he graduated last year. Most evidence has been lost because AC went down. I don’t read shounen so I just ignored and tried to avoid his questions but he never caught on.

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Mark would always either play DS or be using the computers to read and write pokemon fanfiction. One day, I was lookitng through a topic on boxers vs. He was one of the most unpopular artists of his time, selling only one of his paintings which was to a family member of some sort.

We’ll all be better off for it. And it was brought back just so they could preach on a soapbox. She wants to be a Kawaii artist but she still ignores when people give her advice on human anatomy to this day. I wanna build a new confession blog after all the drama on AC.

I find it sad how she acts like this and she’s Rini’s Inori looks like drrama more PG copy of darth wooser’s bunny girl design-wise. I know there are most people who steal artworks from Deviantart but i was wondering does the bashing ever stop? Jan 19 3: