A decade ago, Opio Moses was a lowly policeman out in the sticks of Eastern Uganda with a complicated love life. A Kampala businessman, long since released, was so enamoured by the short-passing tiki-taka style of Barcelona circa that he created a namesake side out of thin air. There is Barcelona, Juventus and Hannover 96 too, but football in Luzira, like football in all of Uganda, is dominated by the Premier League. Escape From Uganda started rolling in Uganda from 7 July. Unsporting behaviour of any kind is frowned upon. The prison was designed with capacity of 1, inmates, but often houses close to 8, Moses also had a gun. The referees and the executive committee got sugar and soap, notebooks and pens.

Soccer tends to correct this disability. The inmates could play football. Jonathan Mugerwa, a match official, who had to keep a report of players, substitutions, goals and cards, noted this down. These were the supplies required if a tournament was to take place during the next week. Newcastle United was the brainchild of Angina Boscso, a man renowned in the prison for his skill as a talent spotter, and his deftness at buying players cheap and selling them dear. The guards are in tan with maroon trim. Bbosa while veteran Ugawood actor, Micheal Wawuyo, played the head of military intelligence.

Ina group of former soldiers staged a two-day riot that required an intervention by the army and left two prisoners dead and many injured. Bribery, always illegal, was tackled by the UPSA executive, who persuaded club chairman that it was better to spend their resources on making their team better, rather than making other teams worse.

The prison houses both convicted and sentenced inmates, as well as suspects awaiting trial. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once the game was over and the Boma crowd were drifting back to the wards for the 3pm lock-up, Moses handed me a scrap of paper: There is prayer and counselling in the church and mosque. The game was just a friendly. The next day, early in the second half of the Liverpool-Chelsea game, play was stopped for over 20 minutes when a hundred sacks of manioc flour, which had just been delivered to the prison, needed to be carried across the pitch.

First, clubs have to join in pairs. But there are other challengers. In the early s, individual football clubs existed and there was a desire for competition, but no neutral organisation to make it happen.


As Mugerwa told the story, his eyes remained fixed on me but his voice trembled. Upper Prison has kept itself busy with extraordinary ingenuity. Magomu is a big man who moves through the prison with unhurried poise, shuffling between his three mobile phones, dispensing orders, casting an eye over the CCTV.

Through football, its members have been trying to turn themselves into citizens ready to rejoin a society they damaged. LuziraKampalaUganda. They were used as an instrument of devolved colonial rule by the British, who gave them more autonomy than any other tribal group.

The prison was designed with capacity of 1, inmates, but often houses close to 8, The match between the wards was highly physical but there was no time-wasting, no talking back and no slide-tackling, tripping or diving. Remand prisoners and those serving less than 20 years are in intense canary yellow.

Nine out of 10 inmates who I spoke to supported a Premier League team. Given all this, the atmosphere is remarkably tranquil. On the first day I visited Luzira, in Luuzira, a match was due to take place. These were the kind of Britons who brought imperial rule, Christianity and football to Uganda in the late 19th century. And the football was not just kickabouts in the yard. Luzira Maximum Security Prison An accommodation block at the prison The referees and the executive committee got sugar and soap, notebooks and pens.

The final itself was a walkover. Recalling a visit to Belmarsh prison in London he observed: In the early days of UPSA there was a widespread problem of bribery, as ambitious chairmen paid opposition players in food and contraband goods to throw games. He told Moses at gunpoint that their match was unsuitable and that the relationship prisoon now over.

Two years ago UPSA introduced transfer windows, two short periods each year in which players can move between clubs. The tranquillity of their life is shattered when Shikha is arrested on the charges of committing two murders, one of the victim is the daughter priison the local Mayor, who has pledged to keep her in jail for the rest of her life.

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The recidivism rate in Luzira mvoie less than 30 percent, compared with 46 percent in the UK and 76 percent in the United States. A red card means a two-month ban from football — an agonising punishment for any player here. In a British prison the overall staff-to-inmate ratio is around 1: Escape From Uganda started rolling in Uganda from 7 July.


Arsenal, meanwhile, benefited from the wider popularity in Uganda of the team that had won the Premier League inunbeaten and invincible. Competition turned to conflict, referees lost control of games. Escape from Uganda is a Malayalam thriller film directed by Rajesh Nair. Too small to dominate post-colonial Uganda — a nation-state that began life in with at least 50 ethnic groups and languages within its borders — there continued to be tension between the Bugunda and other tribes.

Finally Jayakrishnan and Rima escape from Uganda by helicopter before the goons could trap and attack. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Luzira Maximum Security Prison

After the release of its founders init mutated into Chelsea FC, which has established itself as the tribune of youthful talent. Retrieved 23 October Peison eyed me, in all seriousness, and said: Moses patiently explained the Congolese problem to me.

Players arrived one by one and began to mingle with what was left of the morning Boma crowd: Shikha Samuel Rima Kallingalalong with her husband Jayakrishnan Vijay Babuhas chosen of all places in the world, Uganda, to pdison refuge in, after her family in Kerala movue to their marriage. After come out of jail, Jayakrishnan and Rima finds out that Parthipan is a local Don who was behind the murders, now want to trap them.

The mlvie was also threatened by a breakaway movement, fired by discontent amongst the devotees of sports other than football. Before the game could begin, the pitch needed to be marked out. There are fewer than on any given shift, responsible for over 3, prisoners in a space designed for The team claimed that besides shooting at the source of the Nilethey will also can some shots near hot water springs and live volcanoes.

Luzira Maximum Security Prison is a maximum security prison for both men and women in Uganda.