I thought that was just an illusion to assist the Cessair in their training. After removing the barrier, attacking Dian from behind or the sides will make the fight much simpler, as Dian Stab will be unable to hit. And her plans are to make sure that her people’s death was not in vain. Defeat the 6 Cessairs that spawn. You must ‘activate’ the crystals on the left side of the room in order to open the door. After the cutscene, you will be teleported to the Hallway. Merlin might actually be relevant to the story, for once.

What is this “savior of prophecy”? Merlin gets so stoned from opening magic doors that he thinks that Prof J and Starlet are actually relevant to the story. At least according to TH and Merlin. You make it sound like that would be a tactically useful move from some perspective. The aforementioned messed up place is made entirely out of magic, oh, and the blood of a ton of people. So it’s not her at all?

Which is in Tarlach.

Birren sacrificed himself to save his three children. Any hints as to who that last kid is?

Cessair are clones taught to hate Neamhain, Fail miserably at stopping ONE milletian Be obedient, and Die horribly in terrific fashion survive. Affiliates Our Patrons J-Box. In the episode, the one you fight is fake.

Talk:Iria II: Episode 5 – Dian Cecht

Cessiars are summoned in waves of 3 throughout the battle. If you do not wish to read further, please return to the home page. TH obviously reveals that he knew about this place, thanks to the book. You must defeat the Cessairs with red-trimmed robes.

If you’re telling me the clones also need a blood sacrifice to make, then why bother making them in the first place? Does anyone understand what the hell is going on in this episode? Um, just who are the Settlers? Nabinogi there’s nothing specifying that Nemeton is placed in Pincara or if Pincara even exists today.


TH, while reading the slates, mentions that someone else wrote some parts, these are most epiosde by Dian. TH is of Ban Clan origin. Views Read View history. Meanwhile, the mastermind of the Cessair plans to use Tarlach for a ritual. It is advised to restart the puzzle if pieces start moving diagonally, as it means that the puzzle has glitched.

You will enter the Shadow Mission” You and the Illusion “.

Talk:Iria II: Episode 5 – Dian Cecht – Mabinogi World Wiki

Defeat Professor J without hurting any of the Starlets. And her plans are to make sure that her episose death was not in vain. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. I have a feeling that this was implemented so that those that are not very good at solving sliding puzzles have an easier time fulfilling the objective.

And Cessair in the original lore only designs one mahinogi, the leader of the first settlers.

TH taking things super seriously, not taking any of Merlin’s shit. On a side note: That’s not what I’m asking. Cessair Instructor Merlin Treasure Hunter.

We tend to try to avoid the whole “it is advised” thing anyway. Defeating Starlet will spisode this phase, you do not need to kill all of the rabbits. So we’re missing some parts. You may not play other episodes while playing this episode.

You will have to solve a sliding puzzle. The clones were originally supposed to be that blood sacrifice. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat Choosing to stop the Episode at any point will erase all progress. Mabingoi cannot the same magic that makes clones.


Why are we here? The same thing that Ruairi is trying to remove for some reason. After the cutscene, you will be teleported to the Hallway.

Iria II: Episode 5 – Dian Cecht – Mabinogi World Wiki

After you defeat the group, a cutscene will play, and you must fight Dian. Didnt you notice the Saga 2 gachapon?

Upon speaking to him, choose ‘Go. After a bit of time, the puzzle pieces may begin to move diagonally. Actually mavinogi, they know the gods are no longer present, so their curse is lifted. Defeat the Starlet and the rabbits. For a moment they thought they had eppisode the savior of prophesy. He seems to be hunting for some thing that is apparently inside Tarlach.

K Tarlach notes that the tower is made on llieeesss. Dian telling that Cecth will be free with this. Dian seems to be doing this out of regret, because she can’t let all the deaths be in vain. Contribute towards getting larger projects done on our Patreon! Head back the way you came episde staying in the red circles and search the corridor until you find the hidden light.