Anna 14th Nov – 4: Zoya the next-door neighbour agrees to take responsibility of their child. Precap-Kaali takes shower and says I will go out with Gauri to see the world. Monday to Friday 7: Story of Neeli who likes to live in the fantasy world. They face a lot of problems at first but with the passage of time things seem to get better. While the mother is ageing, the father is keeping himself healthy.

The drama highlights the intensity of the pain of being falsely accused, especially when the one placing the blameis your own flesh and blood. Kaali says that white dress that manjali painted black. Every Friday at 8: Gauri comes and plays with kaali. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. What is the worth of a Woman, is she forever bound to be a exploited and burdened because of the ego of Men.

The main reason of the conflict stands as Minhaj does not have any son from his two wives but he has a step brother, a threat for his Virassat whose existence he never ever tolerates. She says dont be mad at manjali. The story begins with the handing over of the virassat to Makhdoom Minhaj, reflecting his conflict with his step mother, young however.

Last updated Nov 13, Page 1 of 1. He says what name is that. When Adeel becomes jobless, Silla starts working with Ahmer. Dehleez is the story of a woman who faces many hardships and problems in order to create a better life for her children. Full of innumerable twists and turns, this is an intriguing tale which will leave you spellbound with its powerful storyline and magnetic performances.


Every Monday at 8: A Son and Daughter, who are deeply bonded with their mother. After the birth of her daughter, Saba goes to her mother’s house not knowing that her husband has other plans for her Will there be any peace in Saba’s life?

Browsing All Articles 47 Articles. Welcome, Login to your account. Ghazala Aziz Directed By: She is paying for our thinking. The plot revolves around a girl named Abdaar who is slightly rebellious and behaves like a kid initially and lives with her grandfather along with her mother. While on the other is the wealthy Zavyar Mikaal Zulifqarwho will go to any lengths to get the woman he desires.


Manjali takes kaali with her and leves. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. She should have been thrown out of house.

The story also reflects upon the strong values and traditions of each household. Faiza Iftikhar Directed By: Kamran Akber Khan Produced by: Contact us about this article.

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Her husband Waseem gets married to Kulsum, who gives birth to three daughters but her husband longs for a son and mistreats her as well. She asked me not to come. The story of Jiya na jaye revolves around Saba whose father marries her off to his brothers notorious son Sadiq.

Scene 1 Gauri says to madhui please let kaali stay here. Will Faaiz be able to save his marriage this time or will Aarzu succeed in her evil plans?


MAN JALI EPISODE 14 – video dailymotion

Prohit says she keeps roaming after gauri. Jt says i told you not to keep her here. Prohit says she should be used for what she is. She is a flower.

There will be a lot of married couples that will be able to connect with drama. A password will be e-mailed to you. Vishwa says minister is looking for a reason to insult us. Every Wednesday at 8: Noman Ejaz runs a cloth shop. She is just playin. Story of Neeli who likes to live in the fantasy world. Will the truth reveal itself later on? Like all other girls, she starts dreaming with open eyes for her life with Umair but soon her jsli cracked when Maryam and Amminah caught Umair red handed with a married woman Saira.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. Yet fate soon brings Tooba face to face with two men who will change her life forever.

Initially, he has a very harsh behaviour towards her but eventually Adeel falls in love with Silla. JT overhears it and says gauri will go ou first time tomorrow.