Kurotsuchi uses her Quicklime jutsu to ensnare Kabuto. However, Mifune and his division soon arrive and he deflects the would-be devastating blow. Shin sees the drawing of both him and Sai holding hands which frees his soul. But the Third Hokage refuses to answer. Having transformed into a pseudo-Nine-Tails in response to his brother being sealed, Kinkaku starts his rampage with Darui’s division, unable to contend with the stronger foe despite their attempts. The sixth feature film, ” Road to Ninja: They recall their previous spar with Asuma when they are genin and Asuma lecturing Choji about his kindness. Only Naruto is able to reach Sasuke as the other members of the retrieval group each end up fighting a member of the Sound Four, killing the remaining members and their fifth Kimimaro with the aid of Gaara and his siblings.

She brings her back to Konoha and Tsunade checks on Sakura, who determines she has developed amnesia. Hyuga Hizashi confronts his brother Hiashi and reiterates that his death is for the sake of the entire Hyuga clan. The Nine Tails” Transcription: Collection – Volume 19 – DVD”. Though this puzzles her parents greatly, they depart telling her to come home later. At the desert, orders from headquarters arrive telling Shikamaru to assist Darui’s division and Temari becomes worried as they’re facing a powerful Kekkei Tota shinobi. This page was last edited on 24 February , at Sasuke leaves the village alongside the Sound Four to go to Orochimaru, with Naruto joining a retrieval team composed of its leader Shikamaru, his teammate Choji, Kiba, and Neji.

As Minato arrives in Konoha and warps away the Nine Tails’ Tailed Beast Bomb, Tobi engages Minato in a e;isode of teleportation until Minato cleverly defeats his opponent with his Rasengan and applies the contract seal to remove control of the Nine Tails. Then he takes the ninja tools from them and uses the tools to trap Ginkaku inside the Benihisago.

Meanwhile on the coastline, Samui and the Atsui come to Darui to help him fight the brothers. They succeed in capturing and sealing Atsui and Samui within the Benihisago. Collection – Volume 22 – DVD”. Motoi confesses to Naruto and Yamato that he had attempted to kill Bee during their childhood because of his father’s death during the sealing of the Eight Tails 30 years ago.

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The two versions of Naruto begin to fight, and are evenly matched. While the Kage are impressed on Shikaku’s plan, they also warn about Mu being a Kekkei Tota user that utilizes three chakra natures at the same time. Tobi then tries to eliminate Kushina, but she is quickly saved by Minato and left with narhtonine son as the Fourth Hokage pursues the masked ninja, who summons the Nine Tails to attack Konoha. At the headquarters, Nara Shikaku discusses his strategy in outgunning the White Zetsu troops and the Undead ninjas.


Kankuro tugs Sasori down and Ittan raises their outpost.

Enraged by Deidara’s reference to his nrutonine as a bomb, Sai knocks Deidara and Sasori out of the air and into Kankuro’s awaiting puppets.

Retrieved January 5, As the mist gets thicker, Kakashi strategizes with a plan to bind Zabuza. Hyuga Hizashi confronts his brother Hiashi and reiterates that his death is for the sake of the entire Hyuga clan. As the squid attacks again and Motoi is caught by its tentacles, Bee appears as the Eight Tails, defeating the squid and saving Motoi.

A few years later, while in the Academy, Naruto meets Sasuke Uchiha and is continuously defeated by him while noticing the hatred in his eyes during one sparring session.

The third ending theme, “Kono Koe Karashite feat. When the Chunin Exams by the invasion of the Hidden Sand in alliance to Orochimaru, Sasuke is overpowered by a jinchuriki named Gaara of the Sand who mocks his lack of hatred.

Naruto wakes up and activates his Nine Tails chakra mode, which allows him to sense negative energy from Samehada. As the young Bee became the Jinchuriki of Eight-Tails, Motoi realized that Bee received the same maltreatment from his fellow villagers just as he had.

Kurotsuchi uses her Quicklime jutsu to ensnare Kabuto. Shin sees the drawing of both him and Sai holding hands which frees his soul. At the outskirts of Mountain Graveyard, forced by Tobi to reveal its inner working, Kabuto demonstrates the Reanimation Jutsu by killing Torune and using an incapacitated Fu as the vessel for his reanimated ally.

Episode 258

Yamato, Motoi and Aoba head out of episodw chamber and confront Kabuto. Her parents, Kizashi and Mebuki end up finding a dazed Sakura and her father returns the necklace to her. During the Chunin Exams, Team 7 is ambushed by a ninja named Shiore, who is revealed to be Orochimaru in disguise as he managed to place his Curse Mark on Sasuke.

The season aired from January to August Luckily, Minato returns to the city and employs Gamabunta’s assistance to restrain the Nine Tails long enough for him to teleport it along episoe his family to harutonine outskirts of the village. Kinkaku gets angry and releases his Nine-Tails chakra, draping him in a chakra shroud just like Naruto’s.

Voices from everywhere demoralize Naruto until a female voice puts his hatred transformation into a halt. She then entrusts Naruto that he will fulfill their dreams.

Konan uses her six hundred billion paper bombs against Tobi with the knowledge that his intangibility jutsu can not last forever. Later, when Hiruzen comes to his house to give him his allowance, Naruto asks him about his late parents. At the Hidden Cloud Village, the Five Kage discuss their strategy as the Akatsuki now knows Naruto’s whereabouts and Onoki volunteers to head to the nwrutonine, where he intercepts Kabuto and the newly reanimated Deidara.


Although the fight is stopped by Kakashi, Sasuke is once again surprised by the power of Naruto’s newly learned Rasengan. Iruka asks Bee to protect him. As the Surprise Attack Division attempt to retreat to the rendezvous point, they are chased by Akatsuki’s reinforcements. After Motoi’s confession, Naruto leaves the Waterfall of Truth and heads to edge of the island, where he thinks about how to overcome his hatred and defeat his dark self. At the outskirts of narutonone Akatsuki hideout, Tokuma uses his Byakugan and discovers the White Zetsu Army beneath them then relays their discovery to the Five Kage.

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Meanwhile at the Akatsuki hideout, Kabuto now summons his undead army composed of former members of Akatsuki, previous Kage, and other powerful ninja that include the Jinchuriki who died by the Akatsuki’s actions.

The reunion of Ino-Shika-Cho to their sensei Asuma continues as Choji somewhat loses his will to fight. The Feudal Lords gather at a fortified palace, and Black Zetsu arrives outside. Meanwhile at the Hidden Cloud Village, ninjas from different villages started arguing each other until Gaara gives a speech on how Naruto enabled him to discard his hatred and accept him as a friend. In front of the waterfall, Naruto is greeted by another version of himself, who berates Naruto on how quickly the people from Konoha changed their opinions of him.

Having gained new powers from the full potential of Orochimaru’s Cursed Mark, Sasuke attempts to kill Naruto in a fight that results with the latter taps more into the Nine-Tails chakra. Once entering the shrine, Tobi obtains Nagato’s Rinnegan before returning to the Akatsuki hideout where Zetsu presents Kisame’s intel on Naruto’s location. CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor.

Kushina successfully delivers Naruto, but their celebration comes short when Tobi suddenly appears, killing both Taji and Biwako and holding the newborn hostage. Is this the Paradise Island?