They were supposedly abandoned children Owen turned to Cat but she was staring into the woods, her face a mast of fear. Time can only be set right when the Resisters vanquish their ancient enemies, the Harsh. Rover where I thought the cover was a detriment to the book’s appeal. At first, the McNamee did a fine job of mixing his fairly cliched premise young boy wakes up in Alternate-Magic-Land and finds he has a Destiny with some interesting material the evil villains, the Harsh, are stealing time. The Navigator Trilogy Series:

A cute series young boys will enjoy. Apr 24, Erica rated it liked it Shelves: The story makes no sense. Some of the Resisters think that Owen is a spy for the Harsh, or, at minimum, a collaborator. Irish authors tend to focus on more ethereal concepts in their writing. The “island in time” premise was interesting and The Harsh made excellent and mysterious villains. The twists and turns and scary villains make this a page turner. It has all of the ingredients.

Overall, this is a seriously solid novel and well worth reading, but it’s nothing breathtaking. You would think they could easily do this but they have to fend off another group along with creatures who navvigator you from the inside. I enjoyed most of the characters the author created for this world as well.

I can’t just “write” something into being. They have succeeded in causing serise to run backwards. The rule-setting of the world seemed a little off–it’s always hard to play with time, but I just kept forgetting that time was supposed to be running backwards, since even when the resisters stepped off their navugator, they seemed to be moving forward. Diamond, an expert in the science of time. I found the Navigator easy to read and something I would want to share with my children.

The Navigator (McNamee novel)

It’s also a rarity in that each successive volume seemed to get better for me. Lists with This Book. The Navigator Trilogy 3 books. If the writer doesn’t answer those questions enough for the reader, then the whole story eon unbelievable and can’t be accepted.


It has all of the ingredients. It is very difficult to follow what exactly is happening in the book and what exactly is happening to the time stream. There are elements of Philip Pullman and Garth Nix here, and it also reminded me a seris of Jeanette Winterson’s recent children’s novel, Tanglewreck.

I ultimately liked this book more than not, but you would have to read it yourself to see what you think–as other “Goodreads” users who have left vastly differing reviews have done. The illustrations contained in the book are very nice and allow the reader a glimpse into the world that the author is attempting to show us. View all 3 comments. This novel is about a young boy who finds himself in a very strange situation.

And Owen discovers he has a terrifying role to play in this battle: Twice the Harsh have tried to destroy time, and twice Owen and the Resisters have banded together to stop them.

Owen discovers that his father came to help when he was a young man, and many people believe he stole the Mortmain, which makes many people treat Owen mcnmee suspicion or outright hostility.

naviagtor This book is about a kid named Owen whose world around him is moving not into the future but into the past. The twists and turns and scary villains make this a page turner. Apr 24, Erica rated it liked it Shelves: The man tells him “It has begun” and Owen finds himself involved with a group of Resisters who are trying to keep the evil Harsh from destroying time itself.

Owens only hope of seeing his family again is to stop the world from going back in time by destroying a machine that is hidden away.

Nov 17, Libby rated it liked it Shelves: This opens up a new reality to him and soon everything that he knows and loves is gone and in danger of disappearing forever if he can’t rise master the rules of this strange new world and save the day.


The Navigator

Recommended to Michele by: Owen turned to Cat but she was staring into the woods, her face a mast of fear. What I wrote when the Times Review came out: They didn’t seem amazed by technology that would not have existed when they were awake earlier; in fact, nothing seemed new to them. The author currently lives in Ireland with his wife and two children, Owen and Kathleen. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Navigator (The Navigator Trilogy, #1) by Eoin McNamee

Every idea and premise comes with it a series of questions that the mind seems to need answered in order to accept the probability of things.

And will not be seeking out sequels this one ends with “End of Book One!

The prose always drifted a bit to the over-blown, but tolerably so, but the last half dozen chapters had Mulzer and I laughing aloud with its “I can’t go on without you! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

This creates a novel that is more about feel rather than thought which makes it contrast in a pleasing way with many adrenaline junkie festivals that make up a large percentage of youth fiction.

As you may have guessed, this is a young adult novel, and, as such, it is pretty good.

The moon is coming closer to the earth, causing havoc with weather, tides, and other natural cycles; people fear the world will end. This is evident in the Navigator.

I managed to ignore enough of that to move easily enough through the story.