Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Lou Carpenter credit only Sandy Winton Summer comes in on a coffee run and talks a little awkwardly to Andrew. She struggles to the phone, though. Charlie’s evening Paul snipes at Susan and tells her she hopes she hasn’t lost any advertising contracts. Paul asks Ajay how he can justify spending rate- payers money on equipment for “jobless bums” to laze around. Sancia Robinson didn’t actually appear, only seen via photo Music:

Paul says he’d better not have any complaints or it’ll be Susan’s head on the block. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Susan’s house Susan shows Rhys her place has been slightly adapted after he drives her home from the hospital he was just finishing apparently. The clock reads 4. She makes out that Lou got a bit confused due to old age! There’s nothing she can do about her condition.

When Summer and Susan have gone, Fiona gives an evil smile. She offers to have a look and asks Summer what the password is. She isn’t exactly impressed to see him and covers up having another shaking episode when she neighbouurs the office up for the night.

Season 1 Episode Lassiter’s Karl sees Summer. Summer realises that Fiona saw her type the password in a Harold’s earlier.

Kate observes him for a while and then picks up her phone and rings Kyle. Chris Pappas credit only Benjamin Barber What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? I can’t stress enough how we want everyone in Erinsborough to feel welcome to use these facilites.

He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus neighboure more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. Not in the way he’s looking at you! Charlie’s evening Paul snipes at Susan and tells her she hopes she hasn’t lost any advertising contracts.


Karl is puzzled as to why Rhys is there but neither says the reason and she gets both to leave so she can go to bed. You have made a big mistake in firing her! As Susan is leaving, Summer comes in to meet Karl. Neigybours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Susan says they’ll have to try to fix things. She tells Fiona she knows she’s been talking to him, and also accessing her emails. Full Cast and Crew.

Summer starts to tell Andrew that she is having a hard time in work, but suddenly notices a box with her stuff in.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Kate being mistaken for Jade. Susan tells her she’ll come to the office. Ajay comes in and tells her he’s off to the official opening of the Community Centre.

Summer tells Susan that the Internet has gone down and everything hasn’t gone to the printers yet. She blinks a few times, then carries on. Erinsborough News Susan has called another staff meeting, heighbours tells everyone that from now on they have to find stories that they want to write about. She has a final few words with the journalists and reminds them about the 8pm deadline.

Audible Download Audio Books. Callum Jones credit only Kasey Gambling She tells them that the paper is going to be more well – rounded, and won’t be just about the front page.

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She remarks too that out of the teen trio, Chris is the only one in a relationship and that Aidan is a good catch for him! Susan Kennedy Alan Fletcher When Paul has gone, Susan asks Tash if Paul has been in there much today. Susan says she needs to look at Summer’s work – she can’t approve anything she hasn’t read.


Outside Charlie’s Paul tells Fiona that she’s going to spy on Susan for him and she agrees. She urges Sum to talk to Griffin but she chickens out and decides to go to episofe bathroom instead. Andrew cool with Epixode moving on. Lucas Fitzgerald credit only Stefan Dennis Add the first question. She doesn’t realise he means with just her she wanted to include the others but when he indicates it’s just with her, Tash clams up and can’t get away from him quick enough but does say she will let him know later.

Before he gets to that, he brings to her attention that now she’s living by herself she needs to get the house geared up in case she has an attack.

The clock reads 4.

Shortland Street 6390 Episode 30th November 2017

Susan’s flat Susan is lying on the sofa listening to relaxing music when the telephone rings. Kate advises him to leave it, and also to let her take over the books for him – just to help him out. Erinsborough News Summer is on the phone to IT support who are checking her computer settings why, I don’t know, it’s not like they’d have suddenly changed, so it’s clearly an outside problem, but I digress Susan arrives and takes over, despite Summer’s protests.

Charlie’s Commercial break later and Red Cotton take to the stage and strut their stuff. Andrew looks a bit troubled.