But your mom and I like SY. Megan December 17, at 1: Edit this Page Edit Information. Love your recaps on Dream High Worlds Within has an almost docu-drama sort of feel to it, and gives some insight into the drama-making world. I was too busy being pissed off at JaEun’s stepmom at that time to properly comprehend how Baek In Ho got onto the ship. I thought this was a good place for the show to leave the relationship. I love that opening screenshot.

And his expressive bedroom eyes had me mesmerized. Pretending not to be lonely. Because he’s a er! I love Joo Won since Baker King.. And I mean that literally. SY comes in talking on the phone. Like Ojakgyo, we got; 1.

I always think that they are meant to be. You say that so easily.

I will call the police so leave right now. Did he fall asleep here? Her love for Ja Eun clearly runs deep. Files are raw HanRel p. You are commenting using your WordPress. He starts to turn his steering wheel, as if to move to join them, then stops himself, his smile fading to a pensive expression.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Lately, I’m actually irritated at SY. I do see myself rewatching this one sometime.

As she leaves she sees her step mom go in and sell her bracelet and scarf. Just those two things. They make a toast and dad says to do it gently cuz the glass will break.

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I used to avoid 50 ep dramas but this is the second one I can’t stay away from first one being sons of sol pharmacy. Dad makes a comment about TS so the mom asks why the dad talks like that about TS and not the other sons. Last time in the Philippines when your business failed…. Ja Eun and Tae Hee are so cute together! SY asks if the girl is done and then remarks that everyone is wasting food and takes all their leftovers and piles it up and eats it.


TH explains —the results in the investigation he found this pen was given out as a souvenir for a hong kong restaurant and thanks to this pen he is following a trail. The mom tells J to take them to the attic room and try to gently feed them. Outside those 11 customers are getting their money back and probably a little extra for posing as customers. Otherwise unemployed, Tae Pil spends his time scoping out potential targets based on the pedigree of their clothing and style choices.

But my korean colleagues happened to talk about their series one day and I found out i was totally wrong. TS introduces YJ to his parents. One of the things that the show does really well, is how it balances out the four romances.

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While she was running this store she was able to buy her home. Oiakgyo Ja Eun was watching the TV at the police station, her dad was identified as a missing person from the accident. Yes I have time this weekend —YS do you ride those amusement rides well? She said she thought he was sleeping.


He leans closer and closer. This show is quickly starting to rival my favorite family comedies. The third son is a policeman and the peacemaker of the family, who feels the land should be shared. Cuz I was interested in hiking merchandize.

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Please enter your username or email address. I loved it, and in some ways, I like it even more than OB. And a few more she told me which i forgot now.

Because we have more time with this couple than, say, in a standard 16 episode rom-com, we actually get many opportunities to listen in on their everyday conversations.

Every person felt imperfect and quite real, and their relationships, while traversing a lot of ground, never went too far from an everyday, mundane sort of context. I wonder how worst she is if she catch her husband with another woman doing more than holding hands. This really is an awesome review. I just keep “Fast Forward” in every eps and thinking that one day I will get to wacth this drama properly.