Hana meets a girl who is fond of books, so Hana uses magic to send them both inside the story. She befriends this elephant, whom she names Pao. The other four girls and Hana reach out to her and save her. Loredana Nicosia Marcello Cortese. At the end of the series, after the witch apprentices help mend relations between the Witch and Wizard Worlds, they once again give up their powers in order to protect Hana from the past queen of the Witch World. Wait, wasn’t it around here? Majo Miller wants the girls to recreate scones that a bakery in London made from long ago. After that, the show was rerun until August 19,

PPV from June 26, until December 11, The four witch apprentices go into the forest and retrieve the Love Supreme flower, however the previous queen tries to stop them. The trouble with Hana is that she still needs to work on her potty-training. I guess taking a day off isn’t bad. Majo Miller wants the girls to recreate scones that a bakery in London made from long ago. Mutsumi wants to retire pro-wrestling after seeing her wrestling idol, Candy, retire. You want to be my friend? Once Doremi gets to know her, she befriends her and tries to find ways to cheer her up on Parents’ Day at school.

Ojamajo Doremi 18 2nd: Let’s go home for today. To handle this enormous problem, the Witch Queen asks Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, and Momoko to take care of the new older-looking Hana-chan in their world for the moment.


So the white elephant didn’t do anything wrong. Throughout the run of the series, multiple singles, albums, and compilations were distributed. Shota Taniyama loves the game shogi and is able to defeat the vice-principal, but his parents are against his desire to play. Mota and Motamota can meet Teki-chan and the others again? Diana Torres as Turbillon spain dub.

Wanting to return to her original form, Majo Rika makes Doremi her witch apprentice, giving her the ability to cast magic. Then Hana-chan had a lucky dream? We took him in.

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Big Panic, at the Harukaze’s! It focuses on a group of elementary school girls, led by Doremi Harukaze, who become witch apprentices. Uki uki a, doshita! Riccardo Rovatti as Alexander.

Nobuko has written a new story about Aiko and her friends, and the others take turns inputting their own bit into the story. Pop wants to go to her grandparent’s house by train by herself. Tomoko Akiya as Hazuki Fujiwara.

This week, Nick and Andy find out how this influential elisode has held up in How are you doing? Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. Demo Tomodachi ni Naritai! Eva Lluch as Doremi Harukaze Catalan dub.

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List of Ojamajo Doremi episodes. After failing to get Hana from the clutches of Oyajide, the Queen grants them access to more powerful magic to be used when the baby is in danger.


When they saved Hana, their crystals break. Majo Sekai no Mune Sawagi ” Japanese: Why won’t you play with a white elephant?

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Takayo Yumi as Majo Pon. Onpu teaches Momoko Japanese while bringing her to the television station, but she is a little worried about singing in English in her new single. Deb digs in to it. Just like their witch apprentice exams from before, Hana must undergo monthly health examinations, with the first one coming up very shortly. To remove a cursed bramble from her, they make a seashell necklace and open the door to her heart.

They went to see their grandparents. The three girls redecorate the magic shop with a more cheerful design after Doremi accidentally destroys the shop. Putting aside the white elephant, were you really flying?

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It only returns to normal when they tearfully ask it to. Diana Torres as Aiko Senoo spain dub.