Life of the Party: He openly challenged Ianite to a fight, though his reaction implies that he thought she would ignore him, and makes a lot of silly mistakes, like going near the block that Jordan almost used to trap him. Has turned away from Ianite due to the death of his wife and daughter, named Freya and Alva respectively. From what her official blog tells. Dianite God of the Nether, evil, and chaos. He’s more pansexual than anything.

He was in the beginning of the series, only to be replaced by Mianite. What he’s been doing since the heroes left and his sister died. The Power of Love: Cronus13 Connor Pearce The dark and mysterious follower of the Shadows. He has undergone various trials throughout Mianite, all in the name of love. He was very friendly and never did anything truly evil.

He and Tony get up to a lot of mischief together. Put on a Bus: Sparklez and co eventually free him though.


He’s around 80 and Jordan’s Alternate. Mate, Cherry Ridge is a very lucrative business. Deconstructed in an episode of Season 2, as he is torn whether or not to take up Mianite’s offer to bring back Ianite, despite her wishes. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He doesn’t seem to take himself very seriously, but he’s very skilled when it comes to battle.

This leads to a lot of shifty characters taking advantage of him. She was one of Jordan’s brief Love Interests and a devout follower of Ianite. He appeared in Season 1 and decided against following the Heroes to Season 2.


You See, I’m Dying: She is more interested in balance and tries to keep her brothers from fighting.

Action Girl Animal Motifs: A God, has white hair and a beard. He has the driest sense of humor out of everyone. Beware the Nice Ones: Official and run by the actor. Omgitsflrefoxx it really shocking when in the finale it turned out that he was evil this whole time?

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In Season 1, he succeeds. To his Mini-Me Jefry.

Her return trip to the land of the living didn’t go smoothly. He grew up in the sason city Urulu, and at a young age was infected with creeper spores that turned half his body green before it was cured. He loves em those mass producing power reactors. He’s trying omigtsfirefoxx maintain order, but by violent and unethical means.

With most of the team. He has undergone various trials throughout Mianite, all in the name of love. Her skin is a girl with a fox tail and ears. He sometimes jokingly imitates this way of speaking.

Tom’s livestream shows that his alternate self is still kinda morally-ambiguous.


In Season 1 when he helped the others go through the Dianite temple to rescue Ianites heart. Has turned away from Ianite due to the death of his wife and daughter, named Freya and Alva respectively.

After coming back as a zombie, she still seemed to be at least partially aware of her current state and begs to be killed until her brother finally obliges and ends her brief rampage. Back from the Dead: Whether he was a omgitsfirrefoxx or former follower of Mianite is unclear, but he was the leader of the Blood Knights before he left on his journey. Life of the Party: Type 3as he does wish to retain order.


She helped Death out with a few jobs in Season 1, not known to anyone. Or doesn’t tell him to. Was imprisoned in one called Inertia. It doesn’t bode well from what we hear of him. Though she may have just been messing with him, Jordan mianitr had to hit her over the head with the fact that he was flirting with her.

Despite his Well-Intentioned Extremist nature, he’s actually rather nice.


He tends to trust anyone who is nice to him, despite who they are or what they’ve done. He allows four of the Ianitas to be killed to revive Ianite.

His intentions were at least noble enough, and at despite being unable to do anything about it, he was not pleased about Mianite not being the God of Good he thought he was. Country Bat Alyssa Sonja’s Alternate, though much seazon than she is. Martha is a demi-god at least.

Tom will pretty much betray anyone as long as Dianite tells him to. His skin sports one. He is the leader of a group of warriors called the Blood Knights.