Tai Chi Zero Year: The audience has never been bigger, because on some level, we love fighting, if only because it reminds us of our most primal roots that have long been shelved and put aside by civilization. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. We’ve sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password. Jul 30, Rating: These films contain many wondrous sights: Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Expect flying swords and acrobatics galore.

Marko Zaror as Dolor. No commercial use can be granted without Shanghai, Shanghai, China. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Year: The whole thing is shot in a very gauzy style with cold colors and odd, unnatural lighting that makes it feel like an especially vivid nightmare. A powerful action movie that makes you feel the force after every hit all the way to the end. First is the odd form of kung fu that the hero learns, which takes its cues from the movements of Xiangqi, also called Chinese chess. Miyagi, the sensei who trains the bullied Daniel LaRusso in martial arts.

Page 1 of 1. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. If so, you pretty much have Enter the Ninja to thank. Redemption is a pleasant surprise that delivers exactly what you’d want panoorama kick-ass fighting and a lot of action. This alternatingly sincere and conceited vanity project was a labor of love from Y. It most assuredly failed at this, but on the plus side it gave us incredible, genuinely catchy songs like Friends Forever and the panoorama of Y.

This is a list of the greatest martial arts films of all time, but at the tail end, let us make a small space for those flicks that are enjoyable but unquestionably of extremely low quality.

Thumbs up as it is good for action. Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Turbo. It feels like the Full House of martial arts films, chock full of panorqma, smiling, day-glo colors and life-lessons galore. Again I was surprised with this film as I expected a real waste of film but again this is actually a pretty decent fight flick with again some fantastic fight sequences.

This is boka genuinely terrible film, but a hugely influential and entertaining one as well.


This is the first film on the list both directed by prolific kung fu auteur Chang Cheh and starring the Venom Mobbut there will be several more.

Unlike other films of the period that often portrayed otherwise able-bodied actors as handicapped fighters, however, Crippled Masters stars two genuinely handicapped people—a man with no arms and a man with no legs. A fire-breathing wizard with extendable wooden chicken legs? More Top Movies Trailers. Tags geek kung fu kung fu movies lists martial arts martial arts movies the movies. On the negative, the likes of Ninja III: Log in with Facebook.

Kim pretending he knows how to play guitar. Look at the exponential growth in sophistication from the early days of mixed martial arts to how the sport has become ingoing from big guys winging punches at one another to a beautiful, scientific system of mixed grappling and striking styles. God has give it to me one gift, only one: Dean McKenna Super Reviewer.

A man swallowing a glowing frog whole? The ending in particular is pure schmaltz: In the s, ninjas came into the vogue as bad movie villains du jour in both American and cheap z-grade Chinese cinema, even though the depiction had pretty much nothing to do with historical ninjitsu.

Undisputed III: Redemption

Although practically incomprehensible at times, Zu takes a standard mythological story—that of gods who inhabit a mountain fortress-like home and, in the process of defending that home from a benevolent enemy, take in a wayward but stubbornly idealistic mortal—and stuffs it with enough special effects to fllm even the most dedicated workhorse of a fan.

Rather than give in to hate and kill his opponent in the ring, our hero lets Team Korea win to keep his honor. The Photographer should also be credited when known.

Miami Connection is one of the most deliriously entertaining and inexplicable films to ever disappear for a few decades before being rediscovered, as it blissfully was by The Alamo Drafthouse in the late s. And so, let us celebrate the martial arts genre from its top to its bottom, old and new.

However, cinematic miracles can occur and this third installment is a major improvement and a satisfyingly fierce testosterone cocktail.


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No commercial use can be granted without written authority from the Film Company. And oh my, Ninja Terminator is certainly that.

Michryc won the tournament while Ricardinho of finished the second and Boyka finished the third. No jittery camera, no close-up angles, no professional stuntmen, the kinetic action is shot in obyka wide lens with stupendous choreography and we can ascertain precisely we is winning and how.

As dull as the story may be, the fighting scenes are admittedly impressive. Mark Ivanir as Gaga. Already have an account? An absolutely superior athlete and stunt coordinator, he had already starred in more traditional kung fu comedies such as the original Drunken Masterand was now experimenting with expanding his stunt action sequences in a period setting.

Don’t have an account? As such, Stephen Chow shines, suffusing every shot and every bit of visual minutiae with the unbridled excitement of both actoon who make action flicks and those who adoringly watch panorana.

Jul 30, Rating: Have you ever seen someone dress as a ninja for Halloween?

As much romance as martial arts, The Bride With White Hair is nonetheless filled with ultra-stylized, gory, head-scratching mayhem. Few genres are so direct in appeasing their fan-base: The Dominationbut few of these films are as campily bad as this one.

God has give it to me one gift, only one: In EquilibriumTaye Diggs plays a future fascist law enforcement officer sction Brandt, and near the climax of the panoraa, Brandt gets his face cut off. A powerful action movie that makes you feel the force after every hit all the way to the end. The villains are spider demons who take the actiion of attractive women and scheme to achieve eternal life by eating the pure flesh of the monk.