Add a pinch of turmeric powder to the batter to add color. Fry until golden brown turning them over in between. When we return back, the perumkayam bags carried by my grandparents would be filled with tender jackfruits, leafs of colocasia, thakara , kaippa cheera , thumpa , and many such things. Binge eater by day and binge watcher by night, Ankita is fluent in food, film, and Internet. Like you most of my friends are Poontalir fans. I slept somewhere in the floor, and woke up next morning, hearing MS Subbulakshmi’s rendering of Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham from the loudspeaker They used to play that every morning at the family temple.

February 19th, In a deep bottom frying pan heat some oil. To my annoyance, my grandmother kept on protesting: This video explains how to make pazhampori. It is very easy to prepare and very delicious. This is the traditional method of preparing pazham pori. Popular Posts Recent Posts.

After my classes, my grandfather used to pick me up from school and drop me at my home. We were received affectionately by Sukki mausiand I was always given a “special consideration”: After my classes, most of the time I spent inside my home, either reading some book or daydreamingor indulging in some of my hobbies. Another distinguishing feature of the place was an array of six toilets outside the house, reminding once again of school hostels. I was feeling bored, and was more than happy to go.


Like you most of my friends are Poontalir fans.

Ethakka Appam / Pazham Pori /Ripe Banana Fritters

It’s very tasty and healthy. Don’t forget to watch it in quality p!! Peach Upside Down Cake 20 Feb, How to make easy and tastyThattukada style pazzham pori kerala style.

A typical evening snack. When we reached Chendamangalam, there was an army of children playing various games in the compound and making loud noises.

kadumkappi Инстаграм фото

I wont be able to come there to receive you though”, she asked my mother. I was shocked to see Sukki mausiwho looked like a pale shadow of fim she was couple of years back.

So, without any further delay I started eating the laddoo s. Recipe Videos Chicken Mappas.

He stopped the cycle and helped me to get down. And anyways, it was very common for the elders to ask little children to tell their name, home town, school name, etc.

February 11, at 9: It was quite a different experience. In this video i will show you How to make Pazham Pori in She seemed to be very happy and relieved to see me visiting Chendamangalam once again.

Melting pot of Indian flavours!!! Sukki mausi went to Shorf after her marriage. February 15, at This is the best evening snack…with a cup of hot tea…yumm yumm: It is a very yummy and easy recipe to make for ur family and guests.


The day after the marriage, back at my grandmother’s home at Irinjalakuda, they found that there were a lot of laddoo s remaining from the marriage special sweets made at home. Banana fritters, Banana fry. It was the first time I was sitting on a bicycle.

How to make pazham pori

I had found a copy of Poompattaand was sitting in the verandah reading it. He gave me a small, cute paper umbrella he was having in his pocket, “just like that”. It is one of the famous and traditional Kerala Snack prepared by Learn how to make pazham pori or ethakka appam, a nostalgic teatime snack of Keralites. Chendamangalam My grandparents used to go to Chendamangalam to visit Sukki mausi occasionally. Soon, my grandfather also was called, and poor Vinod mamu received sound scolding.

After that, he lifted me and placed on the frame poei the cycle. She looked at me and smiled. gilm