Having described core loading, winding and stripping generally, the individual elements of the web winding apparatus 90 and their functions will now be described in detail. Designed for use at bag machine. Convergence of the core guide channel helps to center the cores with respect to the second ends of the mandrels The cupping arm extensions and extend generally perpendicular to each other from their proximal ends at the cupping arm pivot axis to their distal ends. The web winding apparatus 90 comprises a turret winder having a stationary frame , a core loading apparatus , and a core stripping apparatus The cam follower engages the cam surface groove in the rotating cam plate , thereby periodically pivoting the arm about the axis In the embodiment shown, the servo motor provides rotation of the cam plate , thereby providing periodic pivoting of the mandrel support about the axis In the embodiment shown, the core trays carry the cores vertically, and the flight elements of the core loading conveyor engage the cores with a vertical component of velocity and a horizontal component of velocity.

Steel To Rubber Embosser. In one embodiment, the turret hub can be driven continuously, in a non-stop, non-indexing fashion, so that the turret assembly rotates continuously. The web wound cores are carried along the closed mandrel path to the core stripping segment of the closed mandrel path The mandrels engage hollow cores upon which a paper web can be wound. Concentrated forces, such as those provided by conventional core locking lugs, can cause tearing or piercing of the core. Each nozzle is in communication with a pressurized source of liquid adhesive not shown through a supply conduit

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Next roll is rubber applicator roll that applies glue to the web; roll is 9. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide an apparatus for winding a continuous rewinderr of material into individual logs.

This coating station allows coating on one side of web or both sides of web at same time. Tidland Series II male shear cut.

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By rewinser driven” it is meant that the positions of the components are not mechanically coupled, such as by mechanical gear trains, mechanical pulley arrangements, mechanical linkages, mechanical cam mechanisms, or other mechanical means.

Nip pressurePLI.

Paper, film, foil, fabrics. The steel tube has a reduced diameter end FIG.


Series 150 PCMC Automatic Turret Rewinder

Rrwinder shafts are loaded down pneumatically against surface bedroll. The cam followers A and B are pivotable about pivot axis with extension Upgraded servo driven draw rolls.

The belts A and B engage the mandrel drive 105 and spin the mandrels as the mandrels move along the closed mandrel path beneath the glue nozzles Includes unwind stand, adhesive application unit, core winding unit, servo driven cutoff module.

The axes A and B are parallel to the direction along which the cupping arm support member slides relative to the rotating cupping arm support plate when the mandrel cup is in the cupped position upper cupping arm in FIG.

Rewinding operating at approx. Expandable shaft and its use for winding elongated material such as paper strips. EL automatic edge guiding system.

Accordingly, the flights can each have a deformable rubber tip for slidably engaging the mandrel as the web wound core is pushed from the mandrel. Coating weight, lbs. The set screw threads into a tapped hole which is perpendicular to and intersects the tapped hole in the end of the endpiece The deformable core engaging member can comprise an annular ring having an inner diameter greater than the outer diameter of a portion of the endpieceand can be radially supported on the endpiece The mandrel cup is supported at the distal end of the extension The adhesive application apparatus comprises a plurality of glue application nozzles supported on a glue nozzle rack By “substantially circumferentially continuous” it is meant that the surface of the member engages the inside surface of the core around at least about 51 percent, more preferably around at least about 75 percent, and most preferably around at least about 90 percent of the circumference of the core.

The motion of the flight elements can thereby be synchronized with the position of the core trays and with the rotational position of the turret assembly Machine also includes conveyor delivery when using sheeter.

Each unwind has 2 30 HP DC drive motors. In one embodiment, the rotating cupping arm support comprises a rotating plate extending generally perpendicular to the turret assembly central axis and rotatably driven about the turret assembly central axis, and a plurality of cupping arm support members.

The support arms extend from a frame cross member Resolver input cards A and B receive inputs from resolvers A and B, which provide a signal related to the rotary position of the mandrel drive motors A and B, respectively. Single position center rewinder. Cores loaded onto mandrels are carried to the web winding segment of the closed mandrel path Each rotating mandrel support plate can have a plurality of elongated slots FIG. Fife automatic edge guiding.


Typical operating speed — bags per minute. The offset gravure arrangement can include a first pickup roll at least partially submerged in a glue bath, and one or more transfer rolls for transferring the glue from the first pickup roll to the cores The mandrel drive motors A and B can be controlled according to a mandrel winding speed schedule, which provides the desired rotational speed of a mandrel as a function of the angular position of turret assembly The turret hub can be driven at a generally constant angular velocity, so that the turret assembly rotates at a generally constant angular velocity.

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Minimum slit width approx. The variable pitch and radius of the support surface permits the support surface to contact and support a moving mandrel along a non-linear path. The servo motor can be controlled manually or automatically to intermittently rotate the element in increments of about degrees. The mandrel support surface thereby positions the unsupported second end of the mandrel for cupping. Kiss shear cut slitting.

Another object of the present invention is provide a mandrel cupping rewincer for releasably engaging ends of mandrels supported on a rotating rewidner assembly.

The periodic pivoting of the glue nozzle rack is thereby synchronized with rotation of the turret assembly Could be used as calender, laminator or embosser. By “rotates continuously” 15 is meant that the turret assembly makes multiple, full revolutions about its axis without stopping. The pivoting of the glue nozzle rack is synchronized with the rotation of the turret assembly such that the glue nozzle rack pivots about axis as each mandrel passes beneath the glue nozzles Metering roll is air-loaded against the applicator roll.