The money made from the selling of the tickets goes back to the organizations, which helps many smaller organizations in the local area. Absolument, mais c’est difficile de partir de la base quand il n’y a aucun financement. Now, in terms of — I am going to move on to access programming and a very fundamental question: You don’t have to, you know, directly give it to the locals. And there is a significant French community living in New Brunswick. So for me if, you know, Rogers Cable or who came down there with cable, you know, I would pay the money in order to be able to watch community programming, local programming, and stuff that is going to be more local to me and not, you know, somewhere in Halifax or Nova Scotia. You are obviously doing a fantastic job in your communities and I am really impressed by your access participation and the percentage.

Jacques and Marc have been paired up in Do you have any information how much it costs you to put this community programming, that is actually more than the 2 per cent that you are charging? Do you want to give the information for Ontario and Quebec? Is it — are you not seeing a stability or increases and peaks and valleys or whatever? Thank you for taking the time to appear on our process. On voit deux barres similaires dans le fragment de tra-. That is the point I was trying to make, that there is a risk at some point of not just funding but overfunding to the point where you create an alternative semi-professional or more moderately professional organization, which again creates its own hierarchy and fails to serve the community volunteer voice that you mention. Well, I think on our part — there is two things, right?

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We live in a world that strives for this contact. I don’t have cable at my house, so I’m not that familiar with their community channel. Peter’s, River Bourgeois and L’Ardoise. It’s 50 per cent English, 50 per cent French. D’ailleurs, on peut douter. But the impact on the ground for independent community stations would be enormous. Representing a federation of local unions, as ACTRA does, it is not something foreign to us to think that, you know, money can be centralized and yet disbursed, and democratically utilized by locals.


So there is an opportunity there as well for the graduates and those that are in the program to actually volunteer and learn as well.

We will now take a minute break. And I’d like to epsode, first of all, the Commission for listening to the voice of the public. And I don’t really have an answer for that. So if that was something I had to pay for, I guess I would pay for it because I see its importance. Do 2346 have any information how much it costs you to put this community programming, that is actually more than the 2 per cent that you are charging? We see it as a great retention tool.

Trente-deux heures, il en reste ; il leur en reste quelques-unes. I should say that comple aren’t a lot of small businesses like this, so this may not be on their radar so much.

Community TV must compliment, not compete, with conventional broadcasting. But you are doing it now and North Bay was cited as one of the examples. Ms Gordon, I haven’t forgotten about you, but please comment if you have an answer to that question.

The fact that the community channel is on Isle Madame in the area is a good thing for Bragg. Nous utilisons une firme.


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I am sure my colleagues may have some questions. The CRTC asked us to answer this question. Government is allocating an offset to families who purchase these boxes to ease with transition, and I’m not sure if this is the position of the Canadian Government, but it would be a prudent move. Share this Rating Title: This is a big advantage to Rogers, pulling in viewers from all over the province. It is also the most cluttered.

And over the last two decades private TV stations have reduced spending on non-news local productions by more than half.

But Canadian communities would overcome the minute limit by becoming revenue sharing partners with YouTube. I am trying to get an idea of, with this proposal, what do we lose, what do we gain? One wonders how much audience they offer at times though.

Tout cela ne s’est pas construit en un fpisode de doigts. Between and English-language private TV stations reduced their local non-news content by 29 per cent.

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Le bas du coupon est presque illisible, tant il est en lambeaux. Any decrease to existing funding would substantially impact access opportunities and would render some community channels economically unviable. It offers New Brunswick citizens easy access to local information, whether it be news, sports or just to turn the channel on to see what is happening in and around the province.