The girl addresses Kuni as her grandmother, and Kuni smiles and tells May that her name is Kumiko, and introdues her granddaughter to her new friend. October 15th, 4: Share Facebook Twitter Promote post…. And as far as that goes, I have to say I don’t mind them at all save Katrina and Joy. October 17th, 9: May and Meowth watch all of this from above, and smile at the thought they they managed to help the two. As she reaches the other side of the room, May yells out for Squirtle and receives a cry back from Squirtle.

Meowth looks worried however, and points out that maybe they shouldn’t mess with such things. October 16th, 2: Ash points out that the egg is really starting to glow, and May looks back at the egg to see it start to hatch, to reveal a cute little Eevee who smiles happily at the group. Does anyone know where I can see it? She goes to the train station and finds Meowth pondering Edna’s story. Find threads started by heyadj. Kanto Battle Frontier Saga!

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Send a private message to Bomberman. May is shocked, and whispers who he is to Meowth, who can’t believe it. May has an idea however, and runs off towards some apl just as Kuni, inside her house, realises that she needs to go find Hiso and make up with him.

Pokemon 09×12 Time-Warp Heals All Wounds!

Team Rocket have once again found Ash and co. As she opens the amulet she notices a picture of Edna’s husband.

Aether Brotherhood of Metallix. I liked the unlikely partnership of May and Hals though! May screams as the golden light bursts out and envelopes them all. The time now is 9: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! Find all posts pokemoon DoubleWide. She suggests that all three of them split up for now and attempt to tackle each one of the twerps seperately. A train personnel notices May and Meowth and then removes them from the station. October 15th, Just then, Hiso walks past them and goes into the train station, just like he did all that time ago in the past.


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Both May and Meowth are shocked, but not as shocked as they appear to be when the locket starts to glow bright gold. As night time befalls our heroes, the tree glistens with the “Lights of Joy”. Credits Animation Team Ota. I appear in a mysterious cave in the blue red and yellow versions of pokemon.

Back at the Pokemon centre, we find James standing on top of a box looking into the centre from outside. Find all posts by Viper So get a load of my psychic attack. It was an all right story, but I’m uncomfortable with some time travel stories, despite my being a fan of Doctor Who.

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The other thing sounds that the voice acting was a bit off here, like in the beginning when the group said “Bad Brock”, it sounded like just Sarah for the four of you who don’t know, Timw new VA was talking while using a megaphone.

May nods and says that maybe this is their chance to sort things out and to prevent Hiso from ever leaving. October 15th, 7: He mutters something about waiting for a chance to strike, but looks depressed at all the delicious food that Brock, Max, Bonsly and Munchlax are enjoying.

Episode – Time-Warp Heals All Wounds!

May Travels Through Time! The train attendants grumble about the weather, just as Kuni runs into the train station and shouts out to Hiso. Ignore Posts by melod. May is a little dazed, but soon comes to when Max tells her that her egg is starting to hatch.

May, not far behind, shouts wxrp to her Pokemon in a hope that it will hear her and make its way back to her.

Pomemon that though, she was too late. Edna and her husband tike outside to notice the solitary tree covered in snow and glistening with color, created by Volbeat and Illumise in a courtship dance. Pokemon And Digimon Fans are welcome to join and I would like to make it as good as pokecommunity. To Avoid the current hassles there is this disclaimer for those Who want to use it without permission: Send a private message to Miss Reyna.


Find threads started by Viper You can request for any episodes there its, http: October 16th, 2: English themes Opening Battle Frontier. I’m not talking about epiosde obvious senility, but there was just something about the voice In another location, Ash begins his training as the ever devious Jessie is just feet away spying on his actions. James leans over and suggests that they try and steal them now, and Pokenon smiles and agrees. A long time ago, in the ancient past, Kuni and he took care of many Pokemon eggs.

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At that however, Squirtle calls out to her from the train tracks, having found something. And I love Eevee so I’m glad one is joining the group.

Wondering why such a picture would be here, May continues her search and walks through a door at the other end of the room, and comes out outside.

Ignore Posts by DoubleWide. However, they don’t have anytime to stand around idle as a train whistle sounds all around them and a train speeds towards them before they managed to jump back up on the train platform which is full of people. After a few seconds, a faint snow begins to fall as the train is then halted.