At the end of the episode, the gang comically realizes that they left Gliscor behind, and scene shows a frustrated Gliscor with a long way to go. However, she recently lost to Ash’s rival Paul, and is depressed over her defeat. Gardenia reappears in a town, organizing a special exhibition battle for the town’s children. However, they hear that the Gym Leader is still gone, making Ash unable to have his fifth Gym Battle. But then Jessie notices that Meowth’s golden charm is buried under rolls of flab. Haha, chest-flexer ran away with his tail between his legs after going on about how no matter what kind of Ghost came out, he’d protect Hikari. Build your website in minutes.

Backlot’s mansion and starts to eat all the Poffins. Now that the contest is over, May departs from Ash, Dawn, and Brock once again and goes back to Johto. The group heads to the Canalave Gym, but they are told that the Gym Leader isn’t there right now. Dawn manages to narrowly defeat May’s Glaceon by a fraction. At the end of the episode, the gang comically realizes that they left Gliscor behind, and scene shows a frustrated Gliscor with a long way to go. The gang then meets Angie, and meets Conway again. From the pics, it looked like Dusknoir saved Ash and Aoi from the ghost girl. There is a cameo from Drew, Harley, and Max.

Sayonara wa Dare no Tame! She sends out her Yanmega but she is stopped by Conway’s Slowking which uses Psychic to send Jessie and Yanmega out of the cave. Next Ash uses Pikachu but during the battle Drifloon evolves into Drifblim and puts Pikachu to sleep. Both girls are happy to episofe again, but when Dawn and her friends want to go to the hot springs, they find out that there isn’t any water. Hunter J has managed to kidnap Riolu.


That must be where Lumineon went—the tunnel lets it swim from the ocean to the cave, where there’s lots of seaweed to eat. Episode — Hot Springing a Leak!

When they can’t handle it, they send Gliscor to bring Brock back. Dawn challenges the gym leader of Veilstone City, Maylene, in hopes of helping Maylene get over her defeat. Episode — Hungry For the Good Life! Ghuol Ash and friends be able to return Riolu back to its kingdom? Dawn meets her mother’s old rival Yuri, that wants to win this contest.

While training Gligar, Ash hears singing.

I liked the episode. Episode — Enter Galactic!

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Brock helps Autumn, the youngest of three sisters bond with her Miltank, Ilta. Episode — Cream of the Epksode Crop! Meanwhile, May decides to enter with Wartortle, and Ash enters with Buizel. While traveling through a deep valley, Ash and friends encounter a swarm of Psyduck in the middle of a road.

They find Aaron’s Wurmple, but since then it has evolved into Beautifly. But then Jessie notices that Meowth’s golden charm is buried under rolls of flab. Your name or email address: Dawn manages to narrowly defeat Polemon Glaceon by a fraction.

Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension, Box 3: Using Dawns coin toss application they decide that Ash will have an unofficial battle with Fantina. I thought the partner-selection pokemom funny, especially Musashi.

Adventures in Unova and Beyond. Ash encounter a young Officer Jenny named Marble and her Luxray. All your posts and data epixode have transferred over. Does it have sinister motives?


Jessie’s Dustox sees a shiny Dustox, and follows it to the lake. At the end of the episode, Ash receives a phone call from his friend, May. Episode — Double Team Turnover! And from some of the posts, I take it Dusknoir wasn’t necessary evil?

Chimchar also receives some unexpected advice from Meowth about the future.

Pokemon 11×38 Ghoul Daze!

All the while Dawn is trying deal with her feelings of losing a contest for a second time. Dawn has entered the latest contest held in Celestic Town. However, Pikachu accidentally shocks Buizel and this causes them to argue which makes a difficulty in helping Ash defeat Wake. Grotle gets up late that night and unsuccessfully tries to regain its agility. Ash and his friends search for the source of the light, and they eventually stumble into a cave with an eerie green glow.

Korobooshi KojiroAug 21, Subsequent airings of the English version follow the original Japanese order, except in the case of episodes which are no longer shown in English. Share This Page Tweet. Other English-speaking nations largely followed either this order or the Japanese order.